‘Favorite’ malls in Riyadh, Jeddah revealed

The most popular shopping malls in Riyadh and Jeddah were revealed Tuesday. (File photo: Reuters)
Updated 27 May 2017

‘Favorite’ malls in Riyadh, Jeddah revealed

DUBAI: The most popular shopping malls in Riyadh and Jeddah were revealed Tuesday at the Arab Luxury World forum in Dubai.
The data was gathered by GCC Mall Mapping, a syndicated research initiative designed by consultant Nadine Touma Gammage, managed and executed by Sapience Consultancy and endorsed by the Arab Luxury World forum.
Gammage revealed the Q1 2017 findings during a presentation at the forum and explained to the audience that the results were based on interviews with 600 people in each city from a mix of nationalities and age groups.
She stressed that the results were based on interviews with residents, rather than tourists, and persons from households with a total income of SR10,000 at least per month.
According to the findings, Riyadh malls in the “favorites” category include Riyadh Gallery, Granada Mall, Nakheel Mall and Panorama Mall as 40-60 percent of responders in the city say they have visited in the past three months. Riyadh Gallery comes out on top with 15-20 percent of interviewees rating it their “preferred mall.”
Meanwhile, 10-15 percent of interviewees rated Granada, Nakheel and Panorama their “preferred mall.”
In Jeddah, five malls were placed in the “favorites” category — Mall of Arabia, Red Sea Mall, Aziz Mall, Salaam Mall and Andalus Mall.
Here, 45-60 percent of interviewees said they visited the malls in the past three months, with Red Sea Mall and Andalus Mall coming out on top as 15-20 percent of respondents called it their “preferred mall.”
Geared toward providing much-needed insight into the shopping habits of consumers, the Mall Mapping initiative was launched at last year’s Arab Luxury World forum.
Organized by Dubai-based publisher Mediaquest Corp., the two-day luxury business conference featured an agenda of speeches and panel discussions by more than 70 speakers under the theme “Digital Disruption and Emotional Engagement.”
The event, which wrapped up Tuesday, served as a platform for professionals from the premium goods and services market to discuss and debate the latest trends in the industry.

* This story has been updated to show that Riyadh Gallery is among the 'favorite' category of malls in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province feels very American, says US consul general

US Consul General Rachna Korhonen finds the diwaniya and majlis culture of the Eastern Province fascinating. (Supplied)
Updated 25 February 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province feels very American, says US consul general

  • Saudi hospitality wins the heart of diplomat who considers Kingdom one of her favorite destinations

DAMMAM: The US consul general in Dhahran, Rachna Korhonen, lists the Kingdom as one of her favorite places and is in love with the local culture and traditions.

Working in the Kingdom since 2017, she has been impressed by the tremendous changes taking place in Saudi Arabia under Vision 2030.
Arab News caught up with Korhonen to discuss all things American and Saudi.
“As US Ambassador Abizaid has said, the US-Saudi partnership is more vital than ever, particularly as we confront regional security challenges and work hand-in-hand to achieve shared economic and political objectives.”
This relationship is strong and multifaceted, she said, adding: “We work together every day to promote prosperity and economic development, protect the security of our two countries, and build the people-to-people ties that keep our relationship strong.”
She said that a posting to Saudi Arabia was her first choice for an assignment.
“I did not know at the time that I would be the first woman to serve as the US consul general in Dhahran. I really wanted to learn about energy! I was pretty nervous and somewhat scared, but also excited and enthusiastic. I spent three years in Riyadh and some time in Kuwait and Iraq so I had a pretty good understanding of the region.”
Korhonen speaks highly of the Saudi hospitality and the way people welcomed her.
“I came (to the Kingdom) just before Eid Al-Adha. It is a tradition that the consul general makes Eid calls to visit prominent families. I was lucky enough to meet people from the very first moment I arrived. I have always made an effort to get to meet people at different occasions. Saudis have welcomed me into their homes, shared meals and traditions with me. I really have the best job in the best place at the best time,” she told Arab News.

Saudis have welcomed me into their homes, shared meals and traditions with me.

Rachna Korhonen, US consul general

Korhonen said she finds the diwaniya and majlis culture of the Eastern Province fascinating.
“I enjoy meeting new people and learning about what is happening in the Eastern Province. Diwaniyas are a great place to do that. I also love gahwa (Arabic coffee) and dates,” she said.
Korhonen said the Eastern Province feels very American to her. She thinks this is partly due to the close relationship enjoyed by the countries since the 1930s, which began with Aramco and also because thousands of Saudis from the Eastern Province have studied in the US.
Commenting on the social transformation in the Kingdom under Vision 2030, she said: “I still remember very well the first game I attended in Saudi Arabia. It was a very hot and humid day in August, but I wanted to be in attendance to show support for the Eastern Province teams. There was a big crowd and the energy in the stadium was amazing. At that game, I was the only woman in the family section. Now, it completely feels normal to see entire Saudi families in the stands. I could be anywhere in the world at a sporting event. It’s such a huge change.”
She told Arab News that “there have been no recent changes” in the US visa process, adding: “We have visa appointments most weeks from Sunday to Thursday. We encourage everyone interested in going to the US this summer to start thinking about applying now, since we expect demand will grow as we approach the summer season.
“We continue to look for ways to reduce the amount of time a person spends in our waiting room, the wait for visa appointments (especially for students), and the time it takes for someone to get their passport back with the visa.”
She said her favorite initiative that brings Saudis and Americans together is the International Leadership Program.
“The consulate also works with local Saudi partners to bring American athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists and other experts to the Eastern Province to exchange ideas and explore ways to collaborate. Our EducationUSA office helps Saudi students who are interested in studying in the US learn about US universities, the admission process and how to prepare for their educational experience,” the consul general said.