VIDEO: Bride dies in helicopter crash on way to church

Brazilian bride, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva sits with her brother Silvano Nascimento da Silva
Updated 07 July 2017

VIDEO: Bride dies in helicopter crash on way to church

JEDDAH: This image shows a beautiful bride-to-be heading to church in a helicopter with her brother – it was a dream-come-true.

Except that moments later the helicopter crashed, killing all four people onboard.

Brazilian bride, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva can be seen affectionately holding her brother’s (Silvano Nascimento da Silva) arm as they fly toward the church where her fiancé, Udirley Damasceno, 32, was waiting.

Wedding organizer Carlos Eduardo Batista told local media at the time of the crash: “All brides have a dream and hers was to arrive by helicopter to their wedding without anyone knowing.”

But moments later as the heavily pregnant photographer, Nayla Cristina Neves, turned the camera away from the passengers and pilot, to look out of the front window the alarms sound.

The pilot, Peterson Pinheiro, can be seen apparently leaning — or slumping — forward, then the helicopter crashes, and there is silence, through the now distorted image a red light can be seen flashing.

The crash happened in December, but the footage has now been released as part of the investigation.

Experts have suggested that the pilot can be seen making “possible mistakes.”

But investigators are also considering reports that the helicopter might have hit a tree as it flew through the thick fog.

The groom was left in a state of shock when he was informed of the tragic news by the pastor at the altar.

TWITTER POLL: Firing up of UAE’s Barakah power plant to usher new age of nuclear energy

Updated 04 August 2020

TWITTER POLL: Firing up of UAE’s Barakah power plant to usher new age of nuclear energy

  • Also an indirect endorsement for a move away from fossil fuels

DUBAI: The UAE firing up of the Barakah power plant’s first nuclear reactor will usher in a new era of clean energy, according to an Arab News straw poll.

Nearly 70 percent of those who responded said they believed the launch of the Barakah facility was the beginning of a new era of energy production.

But one third of those polled said they doubted there would be any change in the current energy regime.

The UAE became the first nuclear energy capable nation in the Arab world after switching on the country’s first nuclear reactor at the Barakah plant in Abu Dhabi emirate.

Unit 1 is set to be connected to the UAE power grid and supply electricity in the next testing phase.

The Barakah facility, tucked 280 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi in the Al-Dhafra region, is expected to add 5,600 megawatts of electricity to the UAE power grid when all of its four reactors become operational as the country works to improve its environmental reputation.

“If the younger, educated ones are allowed to speedily take charge of modern tech, this can rapidly bring Arab countries into the realm of Singapore, Israel, South Korea etc.,” according to Twitter user @winstonmaraj.