King Salman inaugurates ‘Guests of God Service Program’

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King Salman was joined by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. (SPA)
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Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (SPA)
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King Salman was shown various aspects of the programs aimed at aiding pilgrims. (SPA)
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The program, which was inaugurated by King Salman, is mde up of more than 100 schemes. (SPA)
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The scheme forms a major part of the Vision 2030 modernization project. (SPA)
Updated 29 May 2019

King Salman inaugurates ‘Guests of God Service Program’

  • The program is a key element of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform plan

MAKKAH: King Salman on Tuesday inaugurated the Guests of God Service Program featuring more than 130 initiatives, the Saudi Press Agency reported. 

The ceremony was attended by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Makkah Gov. Prince Khalid Al-Faisal as well as other princes and officials at Al-Safah Palace in the holy city.

The program is a key element of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform plan.

Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Mohammed Salih Bentin said: “King Salman, on this blessed night and on this pure land, you were keen on inaugurating the pilgrims’ program. We thank God for this honor of serving pilgrims, which has been inherited from the kings who ruled this country from the reign of the founder King Abdul Aziz.”

He added: “As you inaugurate the pilgrims’ program, one of the most important programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, you demonstrate your obvious and clear interest in Islam and Muslims. Your special sponsorship of this unique program expresses your constant attention and care toward pilgrims. This great honor requires all our strength to provide more comfort and reassurance to pilgrims.

“This program is an extension of your efforts in the service of pilgrims, as you have always ensured that the valuable and generous efforts to serve pilgrims and take care of their comfort, is a source of pride for our country since its foundation. This is an inherited honor of cumulative and consecutive achievements in the service of pilgrims. Through this program, which is an extension of the Kingdom’s efforts in the service of pilgrims, we seek to facilitate their access to the Two Holy Mosques and facilitate all stages of their journey until their safe return to their countries through the most advanced technologies.

“The program also aims to offer the finest services on all levels, as well as enriching the experience of pilgrims by managing the archaeological and cultural sites in our country so that pilgrims can experience a spiritual, religious and cultural journey full of faith.”

Bentin said that more than 32 government agencies and hundreds of private sector agencies will take part in implementing the program that facilitates and harnesses all potentials in the services of the guests of God.

Bentin said that the program will bring about a further qualitative leap in the facilities and services being offered to the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

ThePlace: Souk Al-Majlis of Qassim

Updated 07 December 2019

ThePlace: Souk Al-Majlis of Qassim

The Saudi marketplace Souk Al-Majlis, or the Divan Heritage Souk, is part of the old town of Al-Maznab and lies 7 kilometers from the urban center of the city in Al-Derah district.

Al-Maznab township itself is located  in southeastern Qassim province and covers an area of about 2 square kilometers.

It contains more than 380 houses of various sizes, while the old Divan Heritage Souk and the Masque of Bahla Palace form the starting point for the district and its main center.

The souk is popular with visitors and locals and hosts summer events, auctions and folklore presentations among other similar activities.