BA suspends flights to Cairo; EgyptAir responds with more flights

“In liaison with the French authorities and the local authorities in Egypt, Air France has decided to maintain its service to Cairo,” Air France’s spokesman said in a written statement sent to Reuters. (File/AFP)
Updated 22 July 2019

BA suspends flights to Cairo; EgyptAir responds with more flights

  • British Airways, a unit of IAG, said it was suspending flights to Cairo for seven days “as a precaution”
  • Germany’s Lufthansa later said it had canceled its flights to Cairo from Munich and Frankfurt and would resume its connection

PARIS: British Airways suspended all flights to Cairo for a week on Saturday as a security “precaution.” British Airways cited “security concerns” for its decision, but gave no details about what prompted the move.
“We constantly review our security arrangements at all our airports around the world, and have suspended flights to Cairo for seven days as a precaution to allow for further assessment,” BA said in a statement.
The airline added that it would never operate an aircraft unless it was safe to do so. When asked by Reuters for more details about why flights to Cairo had been suspended and what security arrangements the airline was reviewing, a spokeswoman responded: “We never discuss matters of security.”
Germany’s Lufthansa followed the BA announcement by also canceling its Cairo-bound planes, but its flights from Munich and Frankfurt to Cairo International Airport resumed on Sunday.
Sherif Mohsen, a traveller, told Arab news: “We received an alert from British Airways saying their flights has been canceled for a week. We all panicked. What kind of message is this? We were saved by our agency finding an alternative through the Turkish Airlines. We were lucky, but what about the rest of the people?”
An Egyptian billionaire, Naguib Sawaris, reacted on Twitter saying: “So if security agencies in the West have information on a possible terror attack that caused BA and Lufthansa to stop flights to Egypt why not inform Egyptian security forces? Instead of this double standard isn’t it a common war on terror?”

An official source at the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation said on Saturday that reports on the suspension of London-Cairo flights for seven days have not been issued by the UK Transportation Department or British Foreign Office.
The Egyptian ministry said that the verification of the source of the reports is underway in coordination with the representative of the British operator in Cairo.
The Ahram news agency said it learned from a source that a British inspection team had checked security at Cairo International Airport last week and the results were “positive.” The team praised security measures at the airport.
In response to the decision by British Airways, Egypt’s Ministry of Civil Aviation Ministry decided to increase seating capacity on EgyptAir flights heading to London, and run additional flights from Cairo to London’s Heathrow from Sunday by using the newly delivered Boeing 787 Dreamliner during the suspension period.
Adham Hassan, a pilot analyzing the situation, said Cairo airport currently had more than 4000 Algerian fans at the terminal used by Lufthansa and British Airways. He said the fans were in the lounges without tickets and were out of control. The military flight which brought them to Egypt was not allowed to wait so it left them behind, leaving the fans stuck without tickets. “I think the companies considered this a security breach and thus stopped their trips until the end of the crisis. That’s my analysis, anyway.”
Mahgoub Saeed, a political analyst, said: “The real reason is the violence carried out by the massed Algerians in Hall 4 at Cairo airport. This flight suspension will not last long and will end very soon after the violence has been ended. This is a precautionary measure often taken by airlines in the event of exposure to one of the airports in the world to rioting.”
A video spread on the social media showing Algerian fans attacking the Egyptian police and throwing stones and bottles. Algerians were present in Egypt this week supporting and celebrating their victory for the African Cup of Nations.

Getting more women into leadership positions top priority: CEO

This June 23, 2018 photo, shows a general view of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (AP)
Updated 18 January 2020

Getting more women into leadership positions top priority: CEO

  • Saudi Arabia is focusing on the Business 20 (B20), making this one of the key engagement groups. Women in Business will be Saudi Arabia’s signature topic

RIYADH: The boss of one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest banks says that getting more women into leadership positions is a top priority.
Samba CEO Rania Nashar chairs the action council for Women in Business created by the Business Twenty (B20), which is the official G20 dialogue with the business community. It represents the global business community across all G20 member states and all economic sectors.
She said the council was set up to boost women’s particpation not only in business but also in global leadership positions.
During the launch of the B20 in Saudi Arabia this week, Nashar highlighted the under-representation of women in the economy.
“There is a gap of 27 percent between male and female workers; 75 percent of males are part of the labor force while only 48 percent of females are working,” she said.
She said it was important not to just talk about women as workers but as business owners.


Saudi Arabia will host the 15th G20 Summit in Riyadh on Nov. 21-22, 2020.

“That’s why entrepreneurship is very fundamental to our task force,” she said.  “The majority of the finance development programs have incentives for giving loans to females; however, despite the fact that many large borrowers are females, the amount of loans granted to them is far below what is granted to males,” she added.
Nashar said that two-thirds of female business founders feel that they were not taken seriously by investors when they pitch for investments. They also feel that they are treated differently from their male counterparts.
Saudi Arabia will host the 15th G20 Summit in Riyadh on Nov. 21-22, 2020. The Kingdom is focusing on the Business 20 (B20), making this one of the key engagement groups. Women in Business will be Saudi Arabia’s signature topic.