Mo Salah’s doppelganger substitutes him in some ads

Mo Salah was stunned by the resemblance himself. (File/AFP)
Updated 13 October 2019

Mo Salah’s doppelganger substitutes him in some ads

  • Ahmad Bahaa is an engineer
  • He appeared in Eyptian Vodafone and Pepsi ads

DUBAI: Ahmad Bahaa’s image went viral last year on social media, for one simple reason: he is the look-a-like of internationally famous football player Mo Salah.

Bahaa lives in Egypt and works as an engineer, but he has also substituted Salah in some advertisements, Dubai daily Gulf News reported on Sunday.

“I do some of Mo’s shots for his advertisements when he is busy with the English Premier League,” Bahaa said I an interview with an Egyptian TV channel.

He appeared instead of Salah in the Vodafone and Pepsi ads, in the parts which are shot in Egypt.

A video shows Salah’s reaction after he met Bahaa, as the footballer himself was surprised by the resemblance.

Most expensive Shaheen falcon sold at auction

Updated 14 November 2019

Most expensive Shaheen falcon sold at auction

RIYADH: The most expensive Peregrine (Shaheen) falcon was sold in Hafr Al-Batin’s auction on Tuesday for SR400,000 ($106,000).
Four other falcons were sold for a total of SR114,000, making it the auction’s biggest deal since it was launched a month ago. The auction is organized by the Hafr Al-Batin Falconers Association.
The head of the falcon market in the city, Faleh bin Mohammed Al-Odwani, said Hafr Al-Batin is home to the largest number of falconers in the Middle East.
The market includes more than 1,500 birds, more than 20 trappers and more than 1,000 falconers, he added.