Startup of the Week: Jeddah’s Purple Spoon is putting the color in catering

Updated 06 November 2019

Startup of the Week: Jeddah’s Purple Spoon is putting the color in catering

  • Purple Spoon offers a variety of creative and colorful food products

JEDDAH: Maisa Fatayerji, an interior designer by profession, was always interested in cooking.

Her cooking talent earned her the title of “creative chef” in her family.

She said her family and friends always praised her cooking skills and motivated her to use this talent more seriously.

This encouragement inspired her to take a bold step of switching her career to launch a creative food catering service: Purple Spoon.

She does not regret her decision as she is doing what she loves the most. Her passion has become her profession.

Purple Spoon offers a variety of creative, colorful products.

“We offer a wide range of small tarts, cheesecakes and cookies to large customized cakes and biscuits. This is in addition to the mini salty savory items such as salads, sandwiches and pastries,” Fatayerji said.

Her Instagram account features 40 savory and 30 sweet items custom made for different occasions including birthdays, weddings and baby showers.

Skimming through Fatayerji’s Instagram account will leave you wondering where she learned her art.

“I am a self-taught person. I improved my talent through watching food decoration tutorials online and they inspired me to explore more. This year, I did an advanced cake decorating course in Jeddah and another in the US.

“We faced countless obstacles in finding a location for our kitchen in the beginning. We also needed financial support to be able to provide all the high-end imported ingredients,” she said.

“The food business in Jeddah is not easy because of the limitations in quality ingredients, overpriced products and spaces and difficulty in hiring well-trained employees.”

She overcame all obstacles and now her business is a hit in Jeddah. Saudis are not only fond of food, they also appreciate how it is presented.

Another important factor that worked in her favor was Saudis’ preference to give a special touch to important occasions like weddings.

Purple Spoon’s website can be visited for a list of all the products Fatayerji has to offer.

Saudi Education Ministry launches training program

Updated 45 sec ago

Saudi Education Ministry launches training program

  • The five-day program is aimed at people interested in research and studies on education policies

RIYADH: The Saudi Education Ministry has launched a training program titled “Effective reform foundations for education policies: Research and policymaking,” presented by the Education Policy Research Center in cooperation with the World Bank. 
The five-day program, taking place on Dec. 9-13, is aimed at people interested in research and studies on education policies.
The program’s topics include managing an effective education system, supporting teachers, promoting concepts and means to finance education, building foundations for early childhood education, and strengthening students’ evaluation and curriculums. 
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Bidyawi, the ministry’s undersecretary for planning and development, inaugurated the program.
He said it aims to introduce trainees to the most important issues of education policies to qualify them as researchers in the field, thus contributing to building capacities in the field of improving educational policies and decision-making.
He also shed light on the partnership between the ministry and the World Bank, which aims to implement programs to develop the education system in line with the Saudi leadership’s aspirations and ambitions.