Saudi designer’s humanitarian slant puts sheen on jewelry brand

Sheen combines artistry and social causes. (Supplied)
Updated 06 November 2019

Saudi designer’s humanitarian slant puts sheen on jewelry brand

DUBAI: All too often jewelry designers boast only of sparkling gold and attention-grabbing diamonds, so it is refreshing when humanitarian causes are at the heart of their creations.

Saudi designer Nosheen Bakhsh, founder of jewelry brand Sheen, is one such passionate example, combining her artistry for the Dubai-based label with social causes.

Most of her collections are in 18-karat gold with diamond precious and semi-precious stones. (Supplied)

Bakhsh, of Kashmiri origin, told Arab News: “The purpose (of moving into jewelry) was that I wanted to combine my passions. I wanted to come up with the perfect job. So that helped establish the founding principles of the brand: Design, culture and humanity.

“I knew that whatever I wanted to do needed to be creative. I needed a creative outlet, but I also wanted to give back somehow,” she added.

With every collection based on different cultures, Bakhsh selects a cause to receive a percentage of the proceeds from items sold. These have included the UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ Syria crisis appeal, the Rohingya emergency fund, the Doctors Without Borders medical organization, and the Revive Kashmir long-term economic development program.

The Triangle Diamond piece is from Bakhsh’s latest collection, Kenza. (Supplied)

Bakhsh’s latest collection, Kenza, which is derived from the Arabic word “Kenz” meaning treasure, was launched on Saudi National Day.

“It is inspired by the Gulf ... Considering all the changes that are happening in Saudi Arabia at the moment, and all the women that are doing great things in the UAE and Saudi, and that all being highlighted, I thought it was the right time to finally do a collection dedicated to the region,” she said.

For every collection, Bakhsh looks into the cultures’ heritage, and that has applied to her recent release.

Bakhsh launched her brand in 2013. 

“A few of the pieces are inspired by really old Khaleeji jewelry, which usually used to be very chunky and made in silver. But my take on it is still consistent with my style. It is very dainty and symmetrical, but a lot more intricate than what they had in the past.”

Bakhsh, with a background in advertising, launched her brand in 2013. Most of her collections are in 18-karat gold with diamond precious and semi-precious stones. She also experimented with silver in one of her older collections, Chandi.

Alternative artists Freek, Karrouhat drop surprise new singles

UAE-based rapper Freek released a new music video this week. (Instagram/@freektv)
Updated 29 March 2020

Alternative artists Freek, Karrouhat drop surprise new singles

DUBAI: You may be familiar with Freek, one of the biggest Arabic drill artists to come from the region, and this weekend, the rapper unveiled his latest music video for “Mush Fathi” – which means “I’m busy” in Arabic.  

The setting is a roof top, the dress code is luxury streetwear and the message is clear: The artist is indeed busy. 

Between churning out new music, the Somali artist, who was born Mustafa Ismail in the UAE, can be credited for pushing the sub-genre of hip hop, which was popularized by Chicago rapper and Kanye West co-signee Chief Keef, to the forefront in the Arab world. His unique sound, which combines Arabic lyrics with menacing trap-influenced beats, has landed him slots at acclaimed festivals including Sole DXB and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

In his ongoing pursuit of pioneering the sub-genre of hip hop in the Middle East, he has garnered a legion of fans that extend beyond the Gulf. A quick scroll through the YouTube comment section of his widely-viewed music videos reveals a following that encapsulates Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan and even goes as far as Canada.

And Freek wasn’t the only UAE-based artist to drop a new music video this week. Kuwait-born DJ and model Basil Al-Hadi, who goes by the moniker Karrouhat, also treated his fans to a surprise new musical release. The DJ posted the clip for “Nefsi Aghaneelik” on YouTube on Saturday.