Kylie Jenner announces hand sanitizer distribution drive in California 

Kylie Jenner is teaming up with her mom Kris Jenner. (Instagram)
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Updated 02 April 2020

Kylie Jenner announces hand sanitizer distribution drive in California 

DUBAI: Kylie Jenner and her mom Kris Jenner announced on Tuesday that they will be teaming up with Coty Inc. to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizers to hospitals in southern California that are facing a shortage of personal protective equipment amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Their custom product will be “dedicated to first responders working to support our communities during the coronavirus pandemic,” according to ABC News. 

Beauty company Coty Inc., a major stakeholder in Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics, redirected some of its facilities to hydro-alcoholic gel production last week. At the time, Coty said it would provide the product to “medical and emergency services staff,” as well as employees responsible for making the sanitizer and getting it to people in need.



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Each custom bottle will include a special message for first responders that reads “Dedicated to first responders working to support our communities.”

The move to create and sell the hydro-alcoholic gel follows the decisions of other major beauty and fashion companies, including luxury French conglomerate LVMH, which shifted production from perfume to hand sanitizer for French healthcare authorities.

Meanwhile, Kylie Cosmetics paused distribution after California issued a statewide shelter-in-place order earlier this month.



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The decision to provide health care facilities with protective supplies comes after the 22-year-old donated $1 million to buy protective gear for first responders last month, after the surgeon general of the United States made a statement on Good Morning America.

Jenner took to her Instagram to urge her 168 million followers to practice social distancing instructions and stay home. “I know I’ve already been doing my daily reminders about how important it is right now to practice social distancing and self-quarantine,” said the beauty mogul. “I’m going on my ninth day. The coronavirus is a real thing. I listened to the surgeon general this morning and even though I’ve already been doing my daily reminders, he definitely encouraged me to come on here and talk to you guys so you can see me and hear me.”


Johnny Depp denies ‘wife-beater’ claim in London libel trial

Updated 07 July 2020

Johnny Depp denies ‘wife-beater’ claim in London libel trial

  • The high-profile case has laid bare Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s turbulent relationship, which ended in divorce in 2017
  • The couple first met on the set of the 2011 film ‘The Rum Diary’ and married in 2015

LONDON: Hollywood actor Johnny Depp strenuously denied being violent to his ex-wife Amber Heard, as he launched a libel claim in a London court on Tuesday against a British tabloid newspaper that called him a “wife-beater.”
The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, 57, is suing the publishers of The Sun and the author of the article for the claims, which were made in April 2018.
Depp, wearing a dark suit, white shirt and facemask, was met by a throng of cameras as he arrived at court while Heard, a 34-year-old actress, used a separate entrance.
The high-profile case has laid bare the couple’s turbulent relationship, which ended in divorce in 2017, just two years after they married.
But Depp said in a witness statement submitted to the court: “For the avoidance of any doubt, I have never abused Ms Heard, or, indeed any other woman, in my life.”
He said it was a “strong and central part” of his moral code that he would never hit a woman, having witnessed domestic violence growing up and vowed never to do so.
“I find it simply inconceivable and it would never happen,” he added.
“She (Heard) is a calculating, diagnosed borderline personality; she is sociopathic; she is a narcissist; and she is completely emotionally dishonest,” he went on.
“I am now convinced that she came into my life to take from me anything worth taking, and then destroy what remained of it.
The couple first met on the set of the 2011 film “The Rum Diary” and married in 2015.
News Group Newspapers (NGN) is contesting the case, and is relying for its defense on 14 separate claims of domestic violence said to have occurred between early 2013 and May 2016.
It argues Depp was “controlling and verbally and physically abusive toward Ms Heard, particularly when he was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs” — and has evidence to prove it.
But Depp said it was the other way round, accusing Heard of violence against him during their “unhappy” time together.
In one alleged incident, he said she repeatedly punched him in the face, and in another severed his finger with a flying vodka bottle and stubbed out a cigarette on his cheek.
Heard has claimed she was physically assaulted over three days in Australia in early 2015 but Depp called the allegations “sick... and completely untrue.”
He rejected claims of being overbearing and instead said Heard had an “obsessive need” to control him, encouraging him to drink and take drugs, despite his well-known addiction issues.
Depp’s lawyers, in a written outline of his case to the court, also argued that although the couple’s relationship was at times “physical,” it was at Heard’s instigation.
Lawyer David Sherborne said his client on occasions had to defend himself from Heard’s violence, calling her allegations “complete lies.”
“He is not a wife-beater and never has been,” he said.
Heard was a “complex individual,” whose behavior was “extremely unpredictable,” with violent rages and prone to extreme mood swings, he added.
She sought attention, was provocative, had affairs, and was on a “wide range” of prescribed medication and other drugs.
Depp loved her but found her behavior “often bewildering” and “very difficult” to understand or deal with, he added.
Depp was the first witness called in the case and under cross-examination admitted using drugs and alcohol from a young age to “numb the pain” of a difficult childhood.
But he rejected suggestions from NGN lawyer Sasha Wass he had a “nasty side,” that saw him turn into a “monster” who would lose control, smash up hotel rooms and assault photographers.
“It wasn’t Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde,” he insisted.
The Sun story — “Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be ‘genuinely happy’ casting wife beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beast film?” — came after he had already publicly denied domestic violence.
Depp said he had suffered “significant reputational damage” as a result, both in terms of his career and personally.
The High Court trial is due to last three weeks.