Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe denies marriage claim from ex-manager

The actress filed a lawsuit through her attorney in Egypt against Mohammad Waziri a few weeks ago. (AFP)
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Updated 26 May 2020

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe denies marriage claim from ex-manager

DUBAI: Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe has caused a stir on social media after her ex-manager Mohammad Waziri filed a lawsuit in Egypt’s Family Court to prove his marriage to the star.

On Sunday, the singer took to Twitter to deny his claims saying: “After the judicial leave ends, legal measures will be taken against those who made this defamation, and we will wait for the outcome of the investigation and the results of the judicial ruling on that.”

According to ET Bilarabi, the actress filed a lawsuit through her attorney in Egypt against Waziri a few weeks ago, accusing him of withdrawing around $4 million from her account.



#محمد_وزيري يقيم دعوى قضائيه ضد #هيفاء_وهبي لإثبات زواجهما أقام الملحن محمد وزيري دعوى قضائية لإثبات زواجه من الفنانة هيفا وهبي. وأقيمت دعوى إثبات الزواج في نيابة قصر النيل يوم 16 مايو، وتحددت أولى جلساتها يوم 2 يونيو المقبل كان المستشار ياسر قنطوش وكيل الفنانة هيفا وهبي، قد قدم بلاغاً ضد مدير أعمالها السابق محمد وزيري، الذي أشيع ارتباطها به، بسبب إستيلائه على أموال من الشركات المنتجة التي تتعاقد عليها الفنانة في مصر. وأوضحت هيفاء في شكواها أن المشكو في حقه كان يعمل مدير أعمالها في مصر، ويتعاقد على الحفلات والبرامج والمسلسلات التي تخصها، وكان يتولي تسلّم القيمة المادية المتفق عليها للحفلات والمسلسلات من المنتجين والمتعهدين ويتولى إيداعها البنك في حسابها، إلا أنه استغل التوكيل المحرر له من قبل الشاكية وسحب مبالغ مالية من حسابها المودع ببنك الإمارات دبي الوطني، وأودع تلك المبلغ في الحساب الخاص به دون علم الشاكية.

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The court is expected to adjourn on June 2.

Gigi Hadid denies claims she is ‘disguising’ baby bump

Updated 06 July 2020

Gigi Hadid denies claims she is ‘disguising’ baby bump

DUBAI: Gigi Hadid’s baby bump has been a hot topic on social media over the past few days. 

The part-Palestinian supermodel called out British Vogue for tweeting: “@GiGiHadid is yet to post a picture showing her baby bump, but her genius disguise gives an insight into her lockdown pregnancy.”

The publication was reporting on the catwalk star’s Instagram live video from June 24, in which she spoke with activist and chef Sophia Roe about racial discrimination, the Black Lives Matter movement and more.

One viewer commented on the video saying: “How do you not have a tummy? I’m four months into my pregnancy and my tummy is huge. You look great though!”



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Hadid replied: “This angle and the really baggy jumpsuit make for an optical illusion. From the side it’s a different story! Wishing you the best!”

The 25-year-old mom-to-be replied to British Vogue’s tweet saying: “Disguise ....? I said in a baggy jumpsuit the front and side views are visually different stories — not that that was intentional or I was trying to hide anything. Will be proud and happy to share ‘insight’ when I feel like it, thanks.”

She followed up saying: “For now I am proudly experiencing and sharing this time with my family and loved ones.”

Hadid is expecting her first child with former One Direction star Zayn Malik. She announced her pregnancy in April. The couple are having a baby girl.