Updated 05 September 2020
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Vantage Point Sharjah is back

Vantage Point Sharjah is back

Annual photography showcase Vantage Point Sharjah has returned to the Sharjah Art Foundation in the UAE with works by 30 international artists on show until Nov. 28. 

  • Katya Akuma

    The Siberia-born interdisciplinary artist focuses on using culturally-rich images to explore questions of identity and belonging.

  • Meena Nanji

    The photographer captures images and overlays them with poignant text, offering up vivid, meaningful portraits of the African diaspora.

  • Gianluigi Guercia

    Having worked for AFP, South Africa-based Italian photographer Guercia is known for his rousing political snaps.

  • Marwan Bassiouni

    The artist, who was born in Switzerland, developed his passion for photography at the age of 23, after working and living atop a mountain in the Swiss Alps. He enjoys taking pictures of breathtaking landscapes.

  • Miao Ting

    Born in Shanghai and based in Barcelona, Miao Ting is an emerging fine art photographer with a passion for traveling and is also known for her captivating shots of architecture.

  • Sundos Alsheebani

    The photographer’s amusing “Absurdism II” (2018) is on show at the Sharjah Art Foundation.