Trips to Dubai and Arab beaus: The best Mideast moments on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 

The Kardashian-clan have made, over the past few years, multiple visits to the Middle East. (Instagram)
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Updated 11 September 2020

Trips to Dubai and Arab beaus: The best Mideast moments on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 

DUBAI: With the announcement that hit reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” will come to an end in 2021 — after a 14 year run — we take a look back at the world’s most famous reality stars-turned-moguls and their ties to the Middle East. 

The Kardashian-clan have made, over the past few years, multiple visits to the Middle East. Some of them have even dated Arab celebrities. Read on for a recap… 

Kim in Dubai 

In 2017, Kim Kardashian West visited Dubai for a masterclass with her long-time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic in Palm Jumeirah. 

After the event, she took to Twitter to express how happy she was to be spending her time in the city. “Such a fun day today! I felt so much love here in Dubai, thank you guys for coming out to Mario's Master Class!” 

Her Dubai visit was not just a business trip. The star was spotted shopping at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. She also went to the desert with some friends.

In 2011, West and her mother, Kris Jenner, made a three-day-visit to the UAE to attend the grand opening of the US milkshake bar, Millions of Milkshakes, during which the duo created their own signature milkshakes and introduced them to their Middle East fans. 

The shop was the first franchise outside of the US. 

Kim in Kuwait

In 2012, the 39-year-old model attended the second opening of the retail store in the Gulf region. She traveled to Kuwait to attend the launch of Millions of Milkshakes. 

Before the event she told her fans: “It’s my first trip to Kuwait, so I can’t wait to see your beautiful city and meet everyone at The Avenues for Millions of Milkshakes.”

Kim in Bahrain

Her Middle East tour did not stop there. A week later, the mother-of-four visited Bahrain for the same purpose. 

Upon her arrival, she wrote on Twitter: “I just got to Bahrain today. This place is incredible! Prettiest place on earth!”

However, Islamists, at the time, were not happy with her being in the Gulf kingdom. It was reported that more than 50 people protested and denounced her presence.

Kourtney in Egypt

In 2017, the eldest of the world-famous family jetted to Egypt for a vacation with her partner, at the time, Algerian model Younes Bendjima.



One of my favorite nights of the year ✨ since I was born, our tradition

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The duo shared pictures riding camels, seeing the pyramids, and posing in front of the Great Sphinx. Their trip definitely had to include a beach escape at Hacienda Bay in the North Coast.



The Great Sphinx

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Khloe and French Montana

Kourtney Kardashian was not the only member of her family to date an Arab celebrity. 

Her younger sister, Khloe, previously dated American-Moroccan rapper French Montana in 2014. Despite their relationship lasting for less than a year, rumors still swirl when the duo are spotted at the same event.  

Gerard Butler talks family and high-octane action films

Updated 30 September 2020

Gerard Butler talks family and high-octane action films

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood’s latest disaster movie offering, “Greenland,” sees humanity threatened by a comet on a collision course with Earth — Arab News sat down with stars Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin to find out more about the high-octane film.

While many disaster movies focus on experts in big-picture attempts to stop the disaster, “Greenland” keeps the stakes personal by following the Garrity family as they journey to find shelter before it’s too late.

“This story is so relatable because this guy, he’s not a Secret Service agent. He’s not a superhero,” Butler said of his character, John Garrity. “He’s just a dad and he’s not even a perfect dad.”

“Greenland” follows the Garrity family as they journey to find shelter before it’s too late. Supplied

As meteorites decimate cities and people give in to panic, the estranged Garrity family grows closer, mirroring Butler’s real-life relationships with his parents, who despite having not seen him in months due to COVID-19 restrictions, are still just as doting as ever. 

“It’s very sweet that they still care and you’re still their little boy,” Butler said, adding that he mined his relationship with his parents for insight on how to play a caring father. “That definitely helped me in the role, to play that father who will do anything in these trying times to try and protect his family in the midst of this craziness.”

The film was directed by Ric Roman Waugh. Supplied

And while their characters were growing closer, the actors formed a tight knit group as well. Co-star Morena Baccarin told Arab News that she coached and comforted the actor playing the family’s young son — Roger Dale Flloyd — and that she and Butler became good friends on set.

“There are days where you’re just so tired and you’re not in the mood or you don’t want to put yourself through the ringer emotionally,” Baccarin — who plays estranged wife Allison Garrity — said, adding “we just could check in with each other and be there for each other and that was really nice.”

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh, the film has faced repeated delays in the US, but has already hit the big screens in some international markets — including Saudi Arabia and the UAE — where COVID-19 regulations have been amended.