Dr. Reima Bakry

Dr. Reima Bakry
Bakry works at the East Jeddah General Hospital. (Supplied)
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Updated 23 September 2020

Dr. Reima Bakry

Dr. Reima Bakry
  • Pediatric rheumatology consultant
  • East Jeddah General Hospital

On what it has been like working the frontlines during COVID-19:

As this virus turned into a pandemic and reached Saudi Arabia, I had mixed emotions – a feeling of confidence about the procedures we were prepared for as a state in general, and specifically as a ministry of health. On the other hand, I had that emotion of buried anguish based on many baffling questions…

 Becoming head of the COVID-19 clinic, called Tetamman (Rest Assured) last June, it was an honor and a huge responsibility as well. I and my colleagues went and (are) still experiencing very unusual times, (with) sweat, tears, rigidness and joy fused into one big melting pot.

As (was) the case with some health care workers facing the pandemic, I got infected with COVID-19. Some members of my family also contracted the virus. Clinically, the experience went smoothly, but left us a huge impact inside us…

It's an opportunity for the whole world to comprehend the real health challenges, fill the gaps and get prepared worldwide for such a huge crisis like Covid-19. I'm sure we will overcome this crisis, and it will be history but will stay in the minds and memories of those battling in the frontlines.

The Kingdom vs. COVID-19

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