Six ways to deal with uncertainty, anxiety in the face of COVID-19

Reem Shaheen shares her tips for coping with uncertainty. File/Getty
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Updated 26 September 2020

Six ways to deal with uncertainty, anxiety in the face of COVID-19

DUBAI: After months of living in a “new normal,” we still don’t really know what the future holds and this can lead to anxiety and stress. Reem Shaheen, clinical director at the BE Psychology Center in Dubai, shares her tips for coping with uncertainty.

Keep moving


Exercise is known for increasing serotonin levels, also known as the “happy chemical,” so keep moving — even if it’s in your living room.

Avoid scare-mongering


It’s important to stay informed but make sure you’re using a reliable news source and you’re not in a spiral of constantly looking for anxiety-inducing updates.

Get more sleep


This is the foundation of stress management. Establishing a regular bedtime routine is one of the few things we can control and the result is renewing your body for the next day’s challenges.

Shift your focus


Where you’d normally be planning ahead for big holidays, spend time looking into short-term, safe activities.

Talk it out


You’re not alone in your uncertainty and sharing your feelings with loved ones — or a counsellor — can act as a way of releasing stress.

Breathing exercises


Try meditation or simply sit in a quiet place and take some slow, deep breaths to anchor yourself in the present.


Spotify unveils top 5 most streamed K-Pop acts in Saudi Arabia, UAE 

Updated 20 October 2020

Spotify unveils top 5 most streamed K-Pop acts in Saudi Arabia, UAE 

DUBAI: To celebrate the monumental impact of K-Pop on fans around the world, Spotify delved into its listening data for some of the genre’s best-known acts. From BTS to ATEEZ, here are the five most streamed K-Pop groups across Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt. 


Formed in 2013, BTS has spearheaded the K-Pop drive into the Middle East with catchy, upbeat music. The seven-member South Korean boy band recently notched up the first No.1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart by a South Korean group with their first all-English language single “Dynamite.” 


It’s not just the boys that are driving the K-Pop obsession. Seoul-based girl group Blackpink, who recently released their first Netflix documentary “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky” on Oct. 14, are also experiencing a serious surge in streaming. Their latest release “The Album” became the #1 global album on Spotify during the week of launch. 


Beside Blackpink, Twice have also established themselves in the region. This is a big month for the nine-member girl group: Oct. 20 marks five years since they hit the scene in 2015, and on Oct. 26 they are releasing their second full-length Korean album “Eyes Wide Open.”

Stray Kids 

The fourth most streamed act in the Middle East is Stray Kids. The group consists of eight male members, who are currently preparing for their Nov. 22 virtual concert on Beyond Live, the online performance platform. Their most famous hits are “Grow Up,” “Voices” and “Side Effects.” 


ATEEZ is one of the most recent K-Pop acts. Formed in October 2018, the eight-member group has already made it to the region’s top five most streamed K-Pop bands. Not just that, but as of September 2020, the group has released five Korean-language EPs, one full-length album and two Japanese albums.