quotes The UAE is a model of soft power

08 November 2020
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Updated 09 November 2020

The UAE is a model of soft power

Students of international relations and political science know well that different concepts have always dominated global politics. Concepts such as intervention, proxy wars and others have defined and shaped different eras of human history.

These days we often hear about “soft power” and its importance in building ties among nations.

In simpler terms, soft power can be defined as a peaceful way of disseminating one’s message through the use of modern culture and cultural symbols. The concept of soft power attaches great importance to sportsmen, thinkers, artists, writers, scientists and journalists, as they are used as unofficial ambassadors of a country to make other people or nations understand their side in a better way.

It is a way to spread the message of love and peace and to help a country become part of the global culture.

People chosen to represent a country as cultural ambassadors are usually those with great achievements in their respective professions, and they are often respected around the world for their contributions.

Emirati artist Hussain Al-Jassmi is one person who can be cited as an example. Famous for his work, he is loved not only in the UAE, but is respected in many other countries. Such people help create an image for their countries and the nations they belong to.

Therefore, it is important to invest in people with multiple passions and different skills, such as a doctor who is successful in his profession, is experienced in playing a musical instrument and is famous on social media channels, or an engineer who specializes in a rare field and at the same time is a writer and a professional calligrapher, too.

The UAE is one of those countries which recognizes the importance of investing in its people. It encourages its citizens to take part in different activities and excel in whatever they do. The UAE has instituted different awards and designed programs to encourage people to do their best in their respective fields and contribute to the common good of humanity.

Holding conferences, seminars and expos also forms part of a country’s strategy to build its global image. The literature that is produced in a country also helps in building a positive image and contributes to soft power.

In the case of the UAE, its rulers are also at the forefront of promoting peace and tolerance.

It is a way to spread the message of love and peace and to help a country become part of the global culture.

Asma Al-Janahi

The books of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, titled “My Vision,” “Flashes of Thought” and “My Story” also come as a source of great information about the country’s leadership’s vision, its people and the role the country wishes to play on the global stage.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum’s passion for sports resulted in a growing sports culture in Emirati society and led to new initiatives that involve top athletes from around the world.

So investing in soft power can also be described as a positive promotion for the country and its culture.

In an article published in the Emirati newspaper Al-Bayan on May 2, 2019, Dr. Jamal Abdul-Jawad defined soft power as “the ability to influence the behavior of others through attraction, not through coercion.”

Asma Al-Janahi is a UAE national with over 10 years of experience in management in government excellence and sport sectors. She writes about management and social life.