quotes Council of Senior Scholars sets sights on Muslim Brotherhood

30 November 2020
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Updated 30 November 2020

Council of Senior Scholars sets sights on Muslim Brotherhood

In a clear statement on Nov. 11, 2020 the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars exposed the “disruptive” Muslim Brotherhood, categorizing it as a terrorist group that does not represent the approach of Islam but is rather intent on power.
The Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia has undertaken the task of defending tolerant Islamic law since its founding in 1971. It has tackled critical religious issues with a moderate approach based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah. It has become imperative for the council to expose the goals of terrorists wherever they are, amid the increase of deviant currents and the spread of extremist ideas. The Muslim Brotherhood heads the list of those destructive currents, often raising the slogan of religion and touting incitement to sabotage and arson.
The council’s statement came as a mortal blow to the group that has deviated from its so-called righteous path after deluding the Islamic world. Time soon exposed its true face. It has lured young people who adopted its positions using religious affection and without hesitation or thinking, for emotion is what prevails over large crowds. Ideas of revolution, destruction, chaos and disobedience became a haven for the unemployed or despairing youth. The subversive Brotherhood has planted these ideas for decades, like random hidden mines killing innocent victims, sowing fear, destroying the property of others, and upsetting the stability of societies as soon as they explode.
Islam is undoubtedly innocent of these actions. These are, first and foremost, humanitarian crimes and an insult to the religion. This group has recently reaped what its defiled hands, polluted with the values of arrogance, have sown with the blood of the innocents.
So many young Arabs have been deceived by this disruptive and disbelieving group, which is falsely called the Muslim Brotherhood, though Islam has nothing to do with its actions. Valuable energies have been wasted that could have been used to serve their homelands rather than to destroy themselves. Among the young victims of this organization is Mohammed Hosni, who was instigated by the notorious group to set himself on fire. This tragic event left deep resentment not only in Egypt, but in the entire Arab and Islamic world.
The bloody scenes we see from time to time in the media of people blowing themselves up to seek paradise is evidence of the dangers of religious violence and the ease of its possession, control and direction. These “physical” weapons are bought by nothing more than filling the mind of the religious “extremist” with some religious texts, receiving them with open arms and turning them into a lethal weapon.

There is no religion without security, and the security of souls takes precedence over others

Fares Al-Ghannami

The disruptive Brotherhood represents one of the biggest groups that have damaged the unity of the Islamic class, and spread the culture of isolation, arrogance, and nervousness of destructive ideas.
The statement of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars warning against the terrorist group has restored the council’s role and spiritual authority in influencing public opinion, confronting destructive ideas openly.
There is no doubt that this bold statement represents a new phase of the council’s work, which will become more vigilant than before and more transparent in its stances. Our homeland is the home of religion and the pillar of religiosity. There is no religion without security, and the security of souls takes precedence over others. One cannot be lenient with those who threaten the stability of peoples and the cohesion of societies or corrupt the faith of Muslims by stirring up strife. There is no scene in the world uglier than a person burning himself voluntarily in front of the masses, having his head filled with dangerous ideas in the belief that they stem from religion and that he will be rewarded for his actions. After such behavior isn’t a group that causes death to be deemed a terrorist group?
Violence in the name of God is one of the most dangerous threats to modern societies. Religious extremists see themselves as the holders of the absolute right to represent God and implement His rulings against those who disobey. It was the duty of the Ummah’s scholars to confront extremist groups by exposing their names and their deviation from the spirit of Islam, to warn the people to be aware of them. After reading the statement of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, many young Muslims will reconsider the ideas that have been inflicted on them by the groups of sabotage, arson and bombing, led by the satanic Brotherhood.

Fares Al-Ghannami is a Saudi writer and intellectual interested in political affairs. Twitter: @farescom200