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17 December 2020
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Updated 17 December 2020

Digital road to economic progress

There is no doubt that control of digital technology is the key to future success and an important tool to ensure the sovereignty and independence of any national economy. It is the gateway to all future excellence.

Achieving excellence in digital technology not only ensures availability of smart services but also helps countries to achieve sustainable growth. In addition, it boosts productivity levels and provides hassle-free services to the public.

The advancement in digital technology has led to a change in almost every aspect of human life. It has even changed the way humans interacted with each other. 

Due to the importance of achieving excellence in digital technology, it has become necessary for a country to take the right steps in this regard. To ensure sustainable growth and prosperity of its people, a country should invest heavily and wisely in research and development of digital technology. Laggards stand no chance in the future.

The latest technology has led to the emergence of an e-governance concept, which ensures transparency at all levels and does away with bureaucratic procedures that usually waste too much time in execution of projects.

I would like to cite Estonia as an example. It gained independence from the then-Soviet Union in 1991. At that time, the IT revolution was in its early stages, but the country’s leadership decided to jump the bandwagon and devised new policies to ensure a better future.

In 1997, the Estonian government launched its e-estonia initiative to introduce digital services and today it has become the most developed digital society in the world.

It was the first country in the world to allow voters to participate in parliamentary elections using the internet, it conducted the world’s first e-census, and it now offers foreigners the chance to obtain its digital citizenship. Its government is virtual, borderless, block chained, and safe.

To sum up, digital excellence is a means to an end, which is an ongoing revolution toward modernity agility, automation, and transparency.

• Dr. Sulaiman Althuwaini is an assistant professor of marketing communication at Arab Open University, Saudi Arabia. He is also an author. @dr_althuwaini