quotes Mohammed Al-Jaber: A Saudi diplomat par excellence

11 January 2021
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Updated 11 January 2021

Mohammed Al-Jaber: A Saudi diplomat par excellence

Mohammed Al-Jaber, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen, has made great efforts to ensure the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.
The power-sharing deal between the north and south heralds a new era of peace and stability in the war-ravaged country.
Al-Jaber’s mission was extraordinary — and he executed it successfully.
Truth be told, it was an uphill task to gather opponents at the negotiating table. All factions had different viewpoints and were at loggerheads for many years. It is never easy to calm down opponents who are vying for control.
The situation in Yemen had become all the more complex due to foreign intervention and new elements raising their heads with the backing of outsiders.
Despite all the odds against him, Al-Jaber did his best and used all the tools of diplomacy in creating consensus among the warring parties and making them understand the importance of cooperation for the long-term benefit of their country.
The breakthrough was not achieved overnight. It took the ambassador time to negotiate and persuade opponents to think in the long term.
Al-Jaber would not have succeeded in this mission without his high-level academic background. Throughout his student life he received distinction with first-class honors, especially in the military and security field, which qualified him to assume leadership positions and perform sensitive tasks.
Due to his experience he has always enjoyed the trust of the Kingdom’s leadership. He is one of the most influential diplomatic figures and considered one of the most powerful ambassadors in the world, in terms of his ability to communicate and create an appropriate atmosphere for dialogue, negotiation and success in achieving goals.

Al-Jaber did his best and used all the tools of diplomacy in creating consensus among the warring parties.

Fares Al-Ghannami

Being an ambassador in a country that is ravaged by war and sectarian conflict is very difficult. Al-Jaber succeeded in his difficult tasks, indeed he managed to achieve many things that had not been achieved for years.
He is very gentle in his approach, despite his military background, with the ability to win friends.
His personality attracts diplomats, thinkers and researchers while his knowledge about many aspects of life in Yemen and its Arab, Islamic and international surroundings is an asset.
He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge and is thoroughly familiar with the fields of contemporary civilization, in addition to his knowledge about people’s nature and personality. Al-Jaber is a skilled interlocutor in negotiations and an eloquent speaker in discussions.
The Saudi ambassador hails from the Kingdom’s Asir region, which is known for its steep mountains, rugged terrain, and picturesque landscapes.
People from this area are known for their honorable manners and self-esteem. They are merciful to the weak and benevolent to others.
Al-Jaber possesses all these noble qualities and, with his good educational background and years of diplomatic experience, he is one of the finest in the field.
We wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.

• Fares Al-Ghannami is a Saudi writer and intellectual interested in political affairs. Twitter: @farescom200