Valentines Day 2021: Gift guide for her and for him

Valentines Day 2021: Gift guide for her and for him
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Updated 14 February 2021

Valentines Day 2021: Gift guide for her and for him

Valentines Day 2021: Gift guide for her and for him
  • All in all the pandemic had put the importance of weddings into perspective for many of her clients, and she had noticed a definite change in the way weddings were now viewed

Dolce & Gabbana
The Only One perfume

SR672, Sephora

This fragrance is long-lasting, but not too overpowering. An extremely safe present that fits everyone’s fragrance palette.


Montblanc Star bracelet
SR1,000 ($267),

The bracelet is made of woven black leather and stainless steel, a gesture that will transcend years and will be a reminder of love for years to come. The most eye-catching thing about this piece is that it fits well in formal and casual gatherings.


Strawberry Midi dress

This head-turning dress, which became an internet sensation, is the perfect blend of style and aesthetics. It features puffy sleeves, glittery strawberries and dusty pink tulle.


Men’s Project Rock 60 bag

The perfect bag for those embarking on their fitness journeys. The duffle bag will be an inspiration and has been approved by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a fitness icon.


Women’s Electrove 2 trainers

Diverse shoes that will go with any type of clothing or abaya. Fashionable and comfortable to wear. Can be found in a bold red color or simple white.


Tayiboon Lil Tayibaat ring

The ring is designed by a local Saudi business that turns soundwaves into pieces of jewelry. It features a pattern that says “Good people attract good people” and is a gentle reminder to your loved one.


Pyrite necklace

A beautiful yet unique necklace is made of an irregular pyrite cube. It will protect your loved one from negative energy and will also stimulate their intellect.


Throttle Series Echo gaming chair

Support your loved one as they spend peaceful hours on their PC or gaming console playing video games. The chair is popular among online gamers and is extremely practical.



I would rather not receive gifts this year. Not that I do not enjoy them, but my husband and I have grown closer over the past few months. I would love to have an expensive meal.
Adwa Al-Omairy

A box of chocolates. I do not care if it’s a cliché because I still like receiving them. Perhaps a picture frame or a meaningful T-shirt. It is something small but sweet.
Hafsa Ayub

The perfect gift would be something handmade like an explosion box of letters for each occasion. Maybe even a ‘Reasons why I love you’ jar because it is thoughtful and minimal.
Miral Khurram

I am a huge fan of perfumes. Although they run out after a while, it still makes me feel warm inside. I get to smell amazing and whenever I apply, I think about the person who gave it to me.
Arwa Khalid

I would like to receive an accessory, something that I can carry with me. Something that I can wear every day that reminds me of the gift giver.
Adil Khalid Jawed


A long-lasting piece of jewelry that you can wear every day as a reminder that you are appreciated in the lady’s world.
Fahd Naseem

It is always tricky this time of year and there is nothing I would love more than a cake and a card from my children so my wife and I can celebrate with them. A messy ‘I love you’ is always a thoughtful idea.
Mohammed Al-Qahtani


I would love a card with our silly pictures on this Valentine’s Day. I just find it romantic. It is childish but that is just the kind of thing I like.
Mubashir Imdad