TikTok’s #RamadanVibes includes challenges & shows through the holy month

TikTok’s #RamadanVibes includes challenges & shows through the holy month
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Updated 22 April 2021

TikTok’s #RamadanVibes includes challenges & shows through the holy month

TikTok’s #RamadanVibes includes challenges & shows through the holy month

DUBAI: TikTok is celebrating Ramadan this month by engaging its community in the Middle East and North Africa region, featuring key Ramadan traditions, from Fawazeer, soaps, dramas and recipes under the hashtag #RamadanVibes.

“Last year, we saw people embrace the spirit of Ramadan on TikTok and come together virtually to celebrate key traditions. As our community couldn’t gather with their families and friends in line with the COVID-19 restrictions, TikTok truly became the platform where Ramadan traditions lived on,” said Rami Zeidan, head of video and creative at TikTok.

“This year, we are building on those traditions to offer our creators a space for celebration, gratitude and entertainment,” he added.

TIkTok’s Ramadan offerings include live events, activities and in-app challenges including:

#GuessTheDish: Through an interactive trivia quiz, users can guess the name of Ramadan dishes in under 3 seconds based on the key ingredients. The #GuessTheDish challenge has received over 50 million views to date, with submissions from the likes of Chef Shaheen and Walid Yari.

#RamadanCheck: Creators can share their daily Ramadan routines using this hashtag. The challenge has received over 188.7 million views to date, including a submission from Rand Majali.

#RamadanMubarak: With 2.5 billion views to date, #RamadanMubarak features Egyptian singer and actor Yousra, and the TikTok community, sharing wishes of good health and wealth to users.

#RamadanStyle: Creators on TikTok can show off their Ramadan outfits under this hashtag. Fashion icon Nirvana Abdul has already shared her own looks this Ramadan.

#Ramadan_Preps: TikTok users share videos about how they prepare for Ramadan. The challenge has reached over 358 million views to date, with submissions from Ahmed Aziz and Rania Ali.

Live shows on TikTok include:

#CookWithTheStars: TikTok will produce a series of cooking episodes to be aired on April 21, 24, 28, and May 1 at 4 p.m. Saudi Arabia Standard Time (SAST) with popular regional celebrities, including Amir Karara, Hend Sabry, Nelly Karim, and Hana Shiha.

Ramadaniat Live Cooking: Viewers will be able to tune in to live cooking sessions with multiple TikTok content creators and regional brands, including Yara Aziz, Hadeel Marei, AtyabTabkha.com and Arla.

The Ramadan UTURN Show: running on April 28, May 2 and May 6 at 11 p.m. SAST, this show is a partnership with leading Saudi online entertainment network UTURN. It will feature entertaining sketches and content covering topics such as sports and entertainment.

Ramadan Radio Shows: Radio stations around the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including Fujairah FM and Marina FM, will be streaming live shows daily that include contests and giveaways.

Aghla Min Al-Dahab: In partnership with production company Yas Pro Media, the show includes daily interview streams with renowned regional celebrities every night at 1 a.m. SAST.

Fawazeer Ramadan: Users can tune into Go Arabi’s channel every other day at 10 p.m. SAST to answer trivia questions and participate in challenges.