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01 May 2021
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Updated 02 May 2021

2030 and Beyond

On April 27, a televised interview on Rotana Khalijia hosted Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, during which he was asked about what came after 2030, to which he humbly smiled and replied, “2040.”
Saudi Arabia started with the conceptualization of its Vision 2030 a few years ago.
When it was first announced, a number of questions were asked concerning its pragmatism and eyebrows were raised as to whether the pursuit of the defined goals was possible at all. Nevertheless, today, Saudi Arabia celebrates its successful five years of Vision 2030 despite encountering a variety of challenges from the political, economic, cultural and religious spheres.
During the interview, the discussion surrounding the achievements was supported by reference to numbers and statistics, as we all know that numbers are acknowledged to be more worthy and believable when it comes to financial or performance-related goals.

Salute to a nation that does not acknowledge the word ‘fear’!

Abdullah H. AlghuwayniM

The Vision 2030 achievements during the past five years were noticeable on many levels. As an example, homeownership became easier and more accessible in comparison to how it was before the start of Vision 2030. The COVID-19 pandemic also proved that Vision 2030 played a vital role in saving jobs and that the healthcare system did not collapse but rather showed immense strength. Going further, unlike other countries, the education system in Saudi Arabia did not lapse at all. If we try to list all the achievements, an article won’t be enough.
A few months ago, during a discussion with colleagues, a question was raised regarding what follows 2030 and we all agreed that after 2030, there must be other Visions: Yes, in plural! Growth should not only be limited to a certain goal. Growth and sustainability are everlasting and they continue for generations to come, especially when we talk about a great country named Saudi Arabia.
To sum up, the interview has given Saudis the drive and the fuel to continue being great and to successfully achieve Vision 2030 and beyond.
Salute to a nation that does not acknowledge the word “fear”!

• Abdullah H. Alghuwaynim is a senior project manager at one of the Vision 2030 Realization Offices.