Iraqi style maven Deema Al-Asadi talks Ramadan Shopbop collaboration, shares fashion tips

Iraqi style maven Deema Al-Asadi talks Ramadan Shopbop collaboration, shares fashion tips
The Dubai-based Iraqi fashionista boasts 990,000 Instagram followers. Instagram
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Updated 04 May 2021

Iraqi style maven Deema Al-Asadi talks Ramadan Shopbop collaboration, shares fashion tips

Iraqi style maven Deema Al-Asadi talks Ramadan Shopbop collaboration, shares fashion tips

DUBAI: We’re in the final stretch of Ramadan and if you’re running out of style ideas for all of the iftar and suhoor gatherings yet to come, not to mention the Eid Al-Fitr celebrations, let Dubai-based Iraqi fashionista Deema Al-Asadi inspire you. 

The 33-year-old recently collaborated with international retailer Shopbop, which is owned by Amazon, to curate an exclusive edit of stylish and modest looks for the Holy Month. Meanwhile, she routinely takes to her Instagram account to share her latest Ramadan drip powered by flowy kaftans, printed maxi dresses and breezy abayas from local and international labels such as Bambah and Etro.

Below, Al-Asadi shares her must-have Ramadan pieces, tips for dressing during the holy month and how she will be celebrating Eid this year.

How did your collaboration with Shopbop come about?
“Shopbop has always been one of my favorite platforms for years. I love the brands that are showcased on the site, they’re always the first to get all these unique, contemporary brands in the region. So to have them create a Ramadan Edit that fits our style and region is super cool.

“What I loved the most about this edit is that it has such a great variety of options and the dresses were so beautiful. And since it’s already summer here, it was so great to find dresses with cool fabrics that are suitable for this weather. Not to forget, I loved the wide range of statement accessories. The main thing I love doing during Ramadan is accessorizing my kaftans and dresses, and I loved picking clutches, jewelry and shoes from Shopbop.”

How do you approach Ramadan dressing?
“I get super excited for Ramadan because I love wearing modest dresses, abayas and statement accessories. All year around I’m usually dressed in casual wear, just running errands and working. But during Ramadan, we dress up a lot for family gatherings and it is a joyous time that I really look forward to. In fact, during this time I prepare my outfits one day in advance.”

What are some of the must-have pieces in your Ramadan wardrobe?
“I like to have cool metallic clutches and flats. With modest dresses it’s always nice to have that perfect clutch and shoes to pair it up with. So before Ramadan begins, I make sure to shop and invest in a couple of clutches and comfortable sandals.

Do you have any tips for Ramadan dressing?
“The only tip I would give is comfort over everything. I personally do love dressing up and following trends but when it comes to Ramadan, I prioritize comfort. When you go out for suhoors, and eat after such long hours, the most important thing is to feel comfortable so make sure to select pieces that are modest and trendy, but don’t sacrifice your comfort.”

How would you describe your style?
“I don’t have one particular style, honestly I rock different styles based on my mood. But if I had to choose, I would say my style is feminine with an edge. One day you could spot me wearing a super casual sneaker kind of look and the next day you would see me in a chic dress with heels. However, when it comes to events I am always overdressed because I just love an occasion to dress up for.”

How will you celebrate Eid this year?
“I am really looking forward to Eid. For me, Eid is all about family. It’s the only time mine and my husband’s families get together. And of course I love dressing up for this occasion. I always make sure that during Eid, my husband, son and I are dressed in new outfits. It is a happy time for the family, and spend a lot of quality time with loved ones. I might be going on a staycation after the first few days of Eid, but the first evening will be spent with the entire family.”