Updated 17 May 2021
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6 Palestinian artists to support

6 Palestinian artists to support

Read on for six young artists from the Palestinian diaspora to support today — and every day.


  • Sarah Bahbah

    The Australian-Palestinian artist and photographer, who boasts over 1.1 million Instagram followers, is known for merging intimate, cinematic portraits with highly-relatable subtitle text.


  • Yazan Abu Salameh

    This young Palestinian artist’s work focuses heavily on themes of home and separation. He works with a diverse array of mediums such as concrete, pebbles, wires mixed with Lego blocks and drawings.


  • Jordan Nassar

    Based in the US, the young artist’s works hark back to his Palestinian heritage, introducing his use of tatreez embroidery.


  • Nermeen and Nisreen Abudail

    The Palestinian sister duo founded the Naqsh Collective in 2009. Inspired by their childhood memories, the Amman-based design studio is known for creating art pieces featuring traditional Palestinian motifs


  • Shirien Damra

    The 33-year-old freelance artist’s digital illustrations in support of a wide array of important causes are widely shared on Instagram.


  • Malak Mattar

    The Gaza-based artist first started painting at the age of 13 with government school-provided art supplies during the 51-day Israeli military assault on Gaza in 2014.