Mansoor growing in every way as WWE looks to welcome fans back in July

Mansoor growing in every way as WWE looks to welcome fans back in July
Having joined WWE Raw, Mansoor is looking forward to performing in front of live audiences again from July. (WWE)
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Updated 29 May 2021

Mansoor growing in every way as WWE looks to welcome fans back in July

Mansoor growing in every way as WWE looks to welcome fans back in July
  • Wrestling superstar tells his army of Saudi fans how his image is changing on RAW, and congratulates Al-Hilal on 17th title win

Since my last column, there have been some really positive developments in terms of my World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) career. Earlier this month, I signed a contract with RAW, one of WWE’s most popular and high-profile brands, giving me the opportunity to test myself against some of the most talented performers on a regular basis.

I knew management were taking a look at me to see if I could perform at the level required for RAW, which goes out on national TV every week, meaning if you make a mistake it is amplified on such a huge scale. I was shocked, but really happy, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to wrestle Sheamus — a guy I have been watching on TV since I was in high school — in my first match.

Every time you achieve a goal, you set a new one. That is something I really believe in because if you stop trying to improve, you will decline. Now I have established where I am, the most important thing is to establish who I am.

We are working on my image — new music, new logos etc. — because now I have been introduced, it is important to establish my character on the show. To do all of that on a huge stage such as RAW is a little intimidating, but very exciting.

I am growing, learning and having these huge life experiences, and it is bizarre to think about how crazy this journey has been. The transition from performing on NXT to performing on RAW or SmackDown is so big. To even appear on the show once puts you in such an exclusive club so I take it as a privilege.

One of the things WWE said is they would like me to put on some muscle mass, and right now I am working with Sheamus’s personal trainer, who has been really helpful. I am counting my macronutrients and calories, and recording all of my reps and sets in the gym. It is crazy how much difference writing stuff down and tracking it makes.

Earlier this week, WWE announced that live shows would be returning in July, which is fantastic news. It is super exciting, and this is the moment we have all been waiting for. We do it for the crowd, for the instant feedback of thousands of people telling us what they like or do not like, and that emotion fuels what we do in the ring. Sometimes it is amazing to hear half the crowd cheer and the other half jeer.

Wrestling is about traveling, going all over the country, all over the world, to entertain and put on a show for as many people as we can, so I am really looking forward to doing that again.

In my previous column I spoke about supporting Al-Hilal FC, and I was delighted to see them win the Saudi Pro League title earlier this week. Congratulations to the club. As a Riyadh boy, it is always amazing to see Al-Hilal achieve success and I am very proud. With the connection to the club that I have, it is always amazing to see them do so well.

They are kind of like the John Cena of football in Saudi Arabia because everybody is waiting to see who can dethrone them. That is the great thing about dominance — it cannot always last, so we will see who steps up to the plate. It is important for them to not get too confident as there is always someone waiting to take your spot.

The part you do not see is the hard work that goes into making the performance as efficient and enduring as possible. Whether it is in training or at home, the players are always working toward the game, and it is nice to have a physical indicator of your success — either a cup or trophy — to make it all worthwhile.