quotes Working to ensure a healthy environment for future generations

05 June 2021
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Updated 05 June 2021

Working to ensure a healthy environment for future generations

We are the environment, and the environment is us. That is the most important lesson we are learning by developing regenerative projects at The Red Sea Development Co. (TRSDC).
Ecosystems are the web of life on Earth. They include all the living organisms — us too — and their interactions with each other and their surroundings.
By taking care of the Saudi Arabia’s environment, we are taking care of each and every one of us. The best way to ensure a bright future for our Kingdom is by being custodians of its precious natural heritage. Therefore, there is nothing more important than the environment.
We are excited to celebrate World Environment Day (WED) on June 5. We join the UN Environment Program in setting 2021 WED as a new beginning on how we see, consider, and manage ecosystems. The environment is not just something beautiful to look at; it is at the core of everything we do. As we say at TRSDC, nature is our greatest inspiration and our most valuable asset.
We are in awe every day at the invaluable contribution that healthy ecosystems make to stabilize the climate and clean the air we breathe. They supply cleaner water, food, and resources. They protect us from disaster and disease. Furthermore, they are crucial for our physical and mental health and are home to precious wildlife.
A sustainable world is one where society can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Inspired by Vision 2030, we envisioned something even more ambitious, a world where that ability is not only ensured but enhanced. While sustainability is essential, it is just not good enough. We choose regeneration, a transversal principle to the conception, design, construction, and operation of our resorts to ensure our presence enhances the environment.
Our goal is to increase the net conservation value of our destination by 30 percent by 2040. This is our way to contribute to further national efforts like the recently announced Saudi Green Initiative which, like us, strives for unprecedented achievements in renewable energy, carbon emission reduction, and natural habitat conservation and expansion.

 Let our healthy and vibrant landscape define what it means to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Ahmad G. Darwish

Our ambition at TRSDC is to contribute to tourism in a meaningful way, allowing people to reconnect with nature, with the ecosystem surrounding us. And that starts with all the citizens of our incredible Kingdom. The task at our destinations is made easy by their sheer beauty. But Saudi Arabia offers much more than the thriving coral reefs and white sandy beaches of the Red Sea coast.
From the hypnotic landscape of AlUla to the top of ancient volcanoes, from the never-ending desert of Rub’ Al-Khali to the verdant hills of the world’s biggest oasis in Al-Ahsa. The formidable environment of our country is something we are proud to protect, nurture, and enhance.
People and the planet are only as healthy and happy as the ecosystems we all depend on. I embrace the cause to make the environment our national pride. Let our healthy and vibrant landscape define what it means to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia.
Let our wildlife, fresh air, and pristine water speak to the world for us. Let nature be our vital legacy to future Saudis. That is what World Environment Day means for us at The Red Sea Development Company.

• Ahmad G. Darwish is the chief administrative officer at the Red Sea Development Co.