Review: Latest season of ‘Money Heist’ is a fight to the finish  

Review: Latest season of ‘Money Heist’ is a fight to the finish  
Season five of ‘Money Heist’ is now streaming on Netflix. (Supplied)
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Updated 08 September 2021

Review: Latest season of ‘Money Heist’ is a fight to the finish  

Review: Latest season of ‘Money Heist’ is a fight to the finish  

CHENNAI: Netflix’s Spanish-language hit “Money Heist” is delighting fans yet again as volume one of season five — the final season — hit the streaming service this week. 

The Professor and his gang of eight men and women, all wearing red jump-suits and donning identical Salvador Dali face masks, raid the Royal Mint of Spain in the initial seasons, where they print a staggering number of currency notes. The latest season follows the bandits as they battle to make it out alive.  

Admittedly, the show’s creator, Alex Pina, treats us to heart-thumping excitement in season five. With guns blazing and bullets flying, the gang is up against helicopters hovering over the bank, armored vehicles at the gates and soldiers who keep them on their toes. It is certainly a do-or-die battle that gets bloodier by the minute, messier by the episode. Viewers can currently enjoy five episodes, with three more set to drop on Dec. 3 – a clever ploy by the makers to keep the suspense alive by splitting the fifth season. 

Pina tries hard to keep our attention from wavering, and in a “Fast and Furious” style, he smartly edits episodes that sometimes do seem a bit soulless. We watch as Ursula Corbero’s Tokyo (the characters are named after cities) is locked in a desperate confrontation with the men in uniform and with The Professor – the brilliant brain behind the robberies — cocooned in a makeshift tent, the battle inside sometimes looks hopeless.  

Interestingly, Pina weaves in a healthy offering of flashbacks that are more engaging than the rat-a-tat turmoil we are constantly fed in the present day. We get a glimpse into the lives of some of the main characters, their woes and motivations and this season is all the more rich for it. Tokyo’s life before the heist is a particular focus, with the show exploring her former lover René, one of a few new characters offered prime airtime in the new season. 

Besides the flashbacks, however, it is a gory mess of constant action that will leave viewers primed and ready to find out what happens to the gang come December.