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Updated 04 November 2021



Owner: Efe Çakarel.

Launched: 2007.

Headquarters: London, UK.

Head: Efe Çakarel, founder, MUBI.

Subscription: CAD 11.99 per month or CAD 83.88 per year.

MUBI is a global curated film streaming platform, production company and film distributor founded by Turkish entrepreneur Efe Çakarel.

Çakarel, who has a bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MBA from Stanford, founded the platform as a social network for cinephiles, bringing together old classics and indie films.

The past year saw more and more subscribers turn to the platform with 50,000 people tuning in every minute in 2020, compared to earlier figures of 17,000 per minute. MUBI doubled its subscriber base in 2020, with engagement (number of films watched per subscriber) trebling.

MUBI also produces and distributes in theatres films by emerging and established filmmakers, which are exclusively available on the platform.

Exclusive content: “Slow Machine”, “State Funeral”, “All Hands on Deck”, “Beginning”