Arab Women Forum to be held in cooperation with Arab News

Arab Women Forum to be held in cooperation with Arab News
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Updated 08 March 2022

Arab Women Forum to be held in cooperation with Arab News

Arab Women Forum to be held in cooperation with Arab News
  • Arab women leaders to share their success stories, challenges and opportunities at the Forum in Dubai on May 17

LONDON: Top female executives and business leaders from the region and beyond are set to discuss the changing role of Arab women in the Middle East at a leading regional forum in May.

The Arab Women Forum – a thought leadership platform for women ­- is to take place in Dubai on May 17 and will form part of the annual “Top CEO” awards and conference event organized on May 17th and May 18th by the Dubai-based publisher and event management company, Special Edition.

Arab News is cooperating with the annual women-focused forum, which is held at a time of significant social change in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Both countries have seen major reforms in recent years, including unprecedented freedoms granted to women in Saudi Arabia and the establishment of a gender balance council in the UAE.

“Be it in Saudi Arabia or the UAE, women have amazing stories to share, be it as diplomats, government officials, business executives, or entrepreneurs,” said Noor Nugali, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Arab News.

“This is why we at Arab News are very proud to be associated with this major event which not only serves as an opportunity to showcase the massive leaps Arab women have managed to achieve recently, but also discuss major issues, challenges, and opportunities that face them,” she added.

Arab News Assistant Editor-in-Chief Noor Nugali. (AN Photo)

The editorial cooperation includes moderating, participation, and special coverage of the event which also includes leading international female executives and policymakers.

Julien Hawari, CEO of Special Edition, welcomed the cooperation with Arab News in hosting the Arab Women Forum, which was established in Saudi Arabia in 2018.

“The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC as a whole are going through a paradigm shift. The consequences of this fundamental transformation are many and are accelerating, resulting in profound economic change and the empowerment of women,” he said.

“Arab News has made a name for itself through its coverage of the major reforms in Saudi Arabia, promoting women in business and supporting women's health campaigns, including breast cancer awareness. So we are, naturally, very pleased to have Arab News at the Arab Women Forum.”

Julien Hawari, CEO of Special Edition. (AN Photo)

The Forum will have several panel discussions on topics ranging from the image of Arab women to the issues with a quota system, workplace of the future, women entrepreneurs, and Arab women in technology, among others.

Launched in Saudi Arabia in 2018, the Arab Women Forum moved to Bahrain in 2019 and will be held in Dubai this year. Senior government officials, women business leaders, academicians, technocrats, and entrepreneurs are expected to participate in this year’s Forum, including international thinkers.

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