Huda Kattan gets candid about beauty on Eva Longoria podcast

Huda Kattan gets candid about beauty on Eva Longoria podcast
The Dubai-based entrepreneur is the founder of the Huda Beauty brand and skincare label Wishful. Instagram
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Updated 10 April 2022

Huda Kattan gets candid about beauty on Eva Longoria podcast

Huda Kattan gets candid about beauty on Eva Longoria podcast

DUBAI: Iraqi-US entrepreneur Huda Kattan has described her efforts to encourage “honesty in the beauty industry” during a discussion with long-time friend Eva Longoria on the actress’ “Connection with Eva Longoria” podcast.

Longoria, who is also a producer and humanitarian campaigner, encourages her guests to offer different perspectives on a variety of subjects, turning the discussion into a meaningful conversation.

She launched the scripted series on March 31 in collaboration with iHeartMedia‘s My Cultura Podcast Network.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Elsas and Marie Collins, are among the confirmed guests with more to be announced in the future.

Eva Longoria recently launched her podcast ‘Connections.’ Supplied

In her latest episode, Longoria asked Kattan about the beauty industry’s often-criticized representation of women.

The Dubai-based entrepreneur, who built a business empire with $6,000 borrowed from her sister, has spoken out about the unrealistic beauty standards facing women.

Kattan told Longoria that she feels a sense of responsibility to be more candid and realistic with her millions of followers.

She also shared an experience with her daughter that led to her wanting to be part of the change.

“My daughter, she’s 10 now, and I remember sitting and watching her taking photos, and she refused to take a photo without a Snapchat filter, as if it was normal,” Kattan said.

“I realized that to her generation, it’s actually normal, and it’s not being real — which is not normal. Not being real is what they expect to see.”


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The two discussed definitions of beauty and how it is often linked with the idea of being “good.”

Kattan said that her company strives to avoid superficiality in its makeup products, and tries to “make things more real and personal.”

“Promoting self-love and being OK in one’s skin is always important,” she said.

In a bid to promote honesty in the beauty industry, Kattan no longer uses any editing or image manipulation in her company advertisement campaigns.

“If the makeup is good, show it. Also, I don’t like how we use models. I do think it’s nice to show real people using the products. I think we should be a little bit more honest in the beauty industry,” she said.