quotes Saudi Green initiatives have raised the bar for climate-change action

13 June 2022
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Updated 13 June 2022

Saudi Green initiatives have raised the bar for climate-change action

The launch of the Saudi Green and Middle East Green initiatives were welcome news when they were announced in 2021, a year described by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as a “make or break” moment for the planet. They raised the bar for action to save the Earth.

The climate change cause in the Kingdom has received overwhelming support from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, encouraging the development of the Saudi Green initiatives and efforts to increase the target for reducing carbon emissions from 130 tonnes a year to more than 278 tonnes by 2030.

Through Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan, the younger generation is no longer looking at climate change merely as a crisis but as an opportunity to find innovative, reasonably priced ways to build on a solid foundation of sustainable materials and modernize the Kingdom’s approach to climate and vegetation.

The International Exhibition and Forum on Afforestation Technologies, which took place in Riyadh in May and featured the participation of more than 80 government entities and representatives of the private sector, highlighted the latest agriculture methods and practices. The event was designed in a creative and unique way that included modernity and futurism but also embodied the authentic agricultural heritage of Saudi Arabia.

It is quite impressive how the Kingdom is becoming a role model in implementing environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Noor A. Al-Naboud

The Kingdom is looking to encourage a modern lifestyle that promotes a sense of community, healthy relationships and connections between people through stable surroundings by developing and maintaining a livable, sustainable environment. It aims to do this while working to make the planet a better place for all its inhabitants by adhering to global standards.

This can be seen through the collective and individual contributions to the development and implementation of the Saudi Green initiatives, which aim to rehabilitate 40 million hectares of land in the coming years and plant 10 billion trees across the Kingdom.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia consider action to tackle climate change a matter of priority, to help improve the quality of life by improving air quality, combating desertification, reducing sandstorms, and lowering temperatures.

Encouragingly, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir was recently appointed, by royal decree, the Kingdom’s envoy for climate affairs. We trust and believe in him to handle the complex challenges of climate change, which are having significant effects on human life. He has extensive experience in addressing global audiences, utilizing his diplomatic capabilities and political skills, and he is an excellent choice to lead the country’s response to the climate crisis.

The way in which the Kingdom is becoming a role model in the implementation of environmentally sustainable initiatives is quite impressive. This is clearly illustrated by the ways in which every region is contributing to the efforts to reach the targets for planting millions of trees by recruiting talented, skilled professionals with brilliant ideas about how to achieve the goals.

In its efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060, Saudi Arabia is raising the bar ever higher and setting an example for the world to follow.

Noor A. Al-Naboud is a writer, marketing and external communications and insurance expert.