App You Should Not Miss: Penzu

App You Should Not Miss: Penzu
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Updated 29 July 2022

App You Should Not Miss: Penzu

App You Should Not Miss: Penzu

Penzu is an online diary and personal journal that I recently have been using, and have found to be very therapeutic.

What I like most about it is its simplicity, which makes it very convenient. I open the application, and the first thing I see are my journals — If you pay for a subscription, you will enjoy more journals and customization options.

It is one of the easiest and uncomplicated interfaces that any user can enjoy.

You can also get creative and upload photos from your phone or computer to add more to your personal journaling experience.

I believe journaling is a very helpful practice to clear one’s mind, and we must make some time in our day to write down our thoughts.

Penzu asks you to set a reminder as soon as you sign up for it; I choose to journal every evening when I am freed from my busy schedule. It has helped me a lot in clearing my mind and organizing my thoughts.

From an environmental perspective, I’m very pleased that I can write so much without worrying that I might run out of pages, and it cuts down on the use of paper. Digital journaling is ticking all the boxes for me. Another feature that I appreciate is that Penzu is 100 percent private, which makes me feel secure to express myself because paper diaries and journals can be read by anyone if they are not hidden away. Penzu allows you to create a password lock for your online journals.

If you have created a number of separate journals and you are looking for a specific item, Penzu has a smart journal search feature. Penzu is available on iOS and Android.