quotes Realizing Saudi Arabia’s progressive Vision 2030

15 August 2022
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Updated 15 August 2022

Realizing Saudi Arabia’s progressive Vision 2030

It’s a little confusing to list all of the Saudi projects, those that have started already or those in progress. Others may see the complete picture of KSA and say: “It’s a dream country one desires to live in,” or, “Lucky Saudi people, what a vision Saudi has to go beyond expectations.”

These are just a few comments I read in the media after the announcement of the country’s futuristic The Line city development.

And honestly, I think they make sense! Today’s Kingdom is in a state of revolution under Saudi Vision 2030.

The Line announcement took people around the world into a charming fantasy by presenting pleasant areas and facilities inside the project being designed by some of the world’s greatest minds.

I would like to recall the statement by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to say that dreams come true: “The Middle East is the new Europe, and I believe that this goal will be 100 percent achieved.”

The crown prince, through The Line, is making the best possible use of technology, talent, genius and human skills to serve people by making Earth a better place to live. And this is the concept of The Line.

A city that is 170 km long, 200 meters wide, and 500 meters above sea level: A beautiful declaration by the crown prince about the city, the place of the dreamers and the future.

Such facts speak to the mind and heart!

Many investors wish to be a part of such a giga-project that invests in technologies, innovations, communities and urban planning, among others, to make a difference to people’s lives.

When we realize the expertise of people designing, building and executing The Line, it gives us a brief idea about how it will be, and I believe NEOM will rank as one of the best places in the world.

Shock is a normal response to incredible work — which happened in some parts of the world — those who still doubt the power of Saudi Vision and the crown prince especially, who engineered the road map for a new Kingdom.

I would like to recall the statement by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to say that dreams come true: ‘The Middle East is the new Europe, and I believe that this goal will be 100 percent achieved.’

Noor A. Al-Naboud

One thing I’m going to miss, after all Saudi announced projects are fully completed, is the fake news and silly individuals talking in the media about them. NEOM is a near-perfect city for us and the entire world, which is why it triggers many!

Honestly, I will skip speaking about the Kingdom’s achievements for a while to extend a special thanks to the young Saudi activists, writers and journalists on social media, those who are awake day and night to defend and expose the fabricated stories that are targeting our image internally and externally in speech or writing.

I hope I never lose my temper one day to shoot them with an inappropriate word the way they disbelieve and disrespect us.

Not fair to list those brave minds we have because they are proudly countless. However, it would be nice to say thank you for always being available in a posture of defense as the road goes not straight sometimes. Despite what some people seem to think, you are just honest and loyal to your home country.

Like all, we have challenges in convincing everyone with our unique visions and ambitious ideas that are meant to be new and different. We are on point on how to reach these goals, and the focus should be only human capabilities, time and effort.

Noor A. Al-Naboud is a writer and marketing communications and insurance expert.