Bigo Live brings Arab world together for World Cup

Bigo Live brings Arab world together for World Cup
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Updated 28 December 2022

Bigo Live brings Arab world together for World Cup

Bigo Live brings Arab world together for World Cup

Bigo Live, a social livestreaming platform, has provided an ideal platform for football supporters to showcase their skills and share their enthusiasm for the sport since the start of the World Cup this year. The platform featured a variety of unique activities designed to engage football players and fans and encourage them to produce and share original content with other users on Bigo Live’s “Community” feature. The World Cup communities provided daily football highlights compilations and enabled fans to come together to share their experiences and support for their favorite teams or players. As a result, more than 200,000 users on Bigo Live joined regional teams’ communities to share the spirit of football and celebrate the achievements of each country including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco and Tunisia during the World Cup.

Most notably, Morocco’s astounding achievements in this World Cup will go down in history as it became the first Arab team to reach the semifinals and compete against France. The Atlas Lions’ victories during the tournament brought joy to Arabs all over the world, with thousands across the MENA region celebrating online on Bigo Live. As Morocco stunned World Cup favorites Portugal in the quarterfinals of the tournament this year, the number of posts on the Morocco team community increased by roughly 43 percent in just a week.

Moreover, Bigo Live enhanced the platform’s multi-guest room feature to enable the creation of chat rooms for up to 500 people to share their enthusiasm for the global event in real time, fostering more positive interactions and allowing fans to gather and participate in football discussions. It recorded the largest peak in conversations on Dec. 6 during the Morocco vs. Spain match, which garnered great interest from the region.

The platform is preferred by Arabic football fans as they find it easier to access, follow their passion, interact with their favorite broadcasters, and allows them to participate in the region’s expanding football communities in their own
local language.

Bigo Live invited well-known footballing personalities such as Mohammed Awaad and Naseem Kora to provide in-depth match analysis and discuss football strategies during their live streams of the games in order to highlight the platform’s support for regional creators and content.

“The performance of national teams from the Arab region during this year’s World Cup has been absolutely phenomenal.”

Football is known for its ability to bring people from across the world together, and football fans from the Arab world are some of the most passionate in the world. We are delighted to bring the football community together to celebrate this truly unique World Cup on Bigo Live,” said a spokesperson from Bigo Live.