quotes Public relations can help companies flourish

05 January 2023
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Updated 05 January 2023

Public relations can help companies flourish

Many organizations have realized the importance of public relations, as a main artery that connects every department, and as a contact point and mirror that reflects and highlights efforts and outputs.

PR departments are important for public and private sector organizations because they help develop mutual understanding and communication with their audiences.

It is from this interaction with their audiences that companies gain information needed to help draw up and achieve their objectives. Public relations focuses on reputation management and seeks to instill confidence between an organization and its stakeholders.

We have noticed that public relations departments perform effectively if they are linked directly to the leadership of organizations. This is vital, and in my view the proper structure, because it allows PR practitioners to understand and adequately serve the strategic objectives and brand-building of their organizations.

Public relations departments must be able to provide a complete set of strategic communication services, which includes internal and external communication platforms. An important element is media, which can help to enhance a company’s contact with its targeted audiences.

In reference to the media, this means all the traditional and modern forms, including digital, to reach internal or external audiences with information and ideas. Some public relations departments use advertisements to deliver and market ideas, express a point of view or demonstrate the changes in the targeted segments as a result of their efforts.

Holding events linked to the work of an organization can be an important tool to promote positive images, and to demonstrate values of honesty and trust. In fact, event management has now become a specialized subject of study at tertiary institutions.

To sum up, public relations in all its varied iterations is considered the heart of an organization. It connects an organization with the public, and it helps to understand what the public thinks.

  • Waleed bin Huzaim is a public relations and international protocol expert. He is a certified trainer in international protocol, with 18 years’ experience in the communications, PR, media, event management, and protocol sectors. He has worked with a range of regional and international companies and governmental organizations, and managed specialized conference management projects.