Updated 01 March 2023
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Six coffee table tomes about the Arab world

Six coffee table tomes about the Arab world

These six collectable items bring to life Middle Eastern history and culture and will transform any living room.   

  • ‘Saudi Dates’ and ‘Saudi Coffee’  

    In Saudi Arabia, coffee and dates are symbols of hospitality, national pride, culture and time-honored tradition. Assouline’s two new books explore the many facets of these two significant symbols.  

  • ‘AlUla XXL’  

    This book celebrates the natural beauty of AlUla, an important heritage site in Saudi Arabia. Through illustrations and photographs, it brings to life the wonders of the ancient city.   

  • ‘The Middle Eastern Home Cooking Collection’   

    Curated by Phaidon Editors, this anthology of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine features hundreds of delicious and authentic recipes from across the Mediterranean and the Middle East. 

  • ‘Red Sea: The Saudi Coast’  

    Bordering the coastlines of eight countries, the Red Sea is a melting pot of civilizations, faiths and hopes. 

  • ‘Arabian Leopard’  

    With an arresting cover design that will be the pride of any living room, the Assouline book is a celebration of the majestic creature and features an essay by wildlife conservationist Andrew Spalton.  

  • Cartier and Islamic Art  

    A thorough exploration of the ways in which the Islamic arts have inspired the famous jewelry house. This book accompanies a major exhibition at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.