Ithra to host sixth annual ‘Cultural Majlis’ this Ramadan

Ithra to host sixth annual ‘Cultural Majlis’ this Ramadan
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Ithra to host sixth annual ‘Cultural Majlis’ this Ramadan
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Updated 23 March 2023

Ithra to host sixth annual ‘Cultural Majlis’ this Ramadan

Ithra to host sixth annual ‘Cultural Majlis’ this Ramadan

DHAHRAN: The Cultural Oasis at Ithra will host its sixth annual “Cultural Majlis” during Ramadan.

Three different panel discussions will be held on March 27, April 3 and April 10 under the theme of “Travel Literature.”

In a statement, Ithra said that it hopes to help modern travelers become acquainted with carvings and newly discovered monuments by hosting a group of specialists in panel discussions.

Talks will be in Arabic, and will target those interested in Arabic literature and over the age of 16.

Guest speakers will delve into classic and contemporary travel literature, showing how travelers have represented their adventures and discoveries through stories.

The first session will feature Syrian author and poet Nouri Al-Jarrah, superintendent of the Ibn Battuta Award for Travel Literature Abdullah Al-Khudayyer, and Moroccan novelist Shuaib Halifi.

This will be followed by the book signings of “The Stone Serpent” by Al-Jarrah, “Estrangement with the Taste of Karthala” by Al-Khudayyer, and “Travels That Don’t Fear Imagination” by Halifi.

The second panel discussion will feature travelers Thawab Alsubaie and Saud Al-Eidie, along with travel photographer Hussain Daghriri. The three will discuss different approaches to travel under the title “Memory of a Place.”

In the third session, author and historian Sulaiman Al-Theeb and researcher of history and civilization Mishari Al-Nashmi will be interviewed by author and journalist Ali Zaalah under the title “Tales of Cities: Legacy and Heritage.”

Visitors will also have a special guided tour of the Hijrah Exhibit, where they will see the migration journey of the Prophet Muhammad from a modern perspective. Entry will be free.

The Cultural Majlis is a complimentary event. Tickets are not required to attend the book signings, and signed books will be distributed free of charge. Also, tickets are not required to enter the panel discussion. A free photography event will also be hosted in conjunction with the talks.

Panel discussions run from 10 p.m. until midnight.