quotes Dreams to reality: Celebrating the 93rd National Day

23 September 2023
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Updated 23 September 2023

Dreams to reality: Celebrating the 93rd National Day

The National Day is a special occasion that each year unites the Saudi people in expressing their feelings of pride in and belonging to the homeland, which, under the leadership of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has taken up a prominent position among major nations.

The celebration of the 93rd National Day this year is unique, as it reflects the significant achievements made and the groundbreaking projects shaping the present and future of the Saudi people.

Having lived in the Kingdom for many years, we have personally witnessed a remarkable transformation in terms of human development and the implementation of megaprojects.

The crown prince’s clearly defined vision is driven by a sense of urgency to lead and surpass other major countries. This is why we extend our congratulations to the Kingdom’s leadership on this National Day, as well as to the Saudi people, whom we proudly see as a shining example of this transformative journey.

The motto of the 93rd National Day, “We Dream and Achieve,” reflects the aspiration and determination of the Saudi people to realize their identity, which is the focal point of this occasion.

It is not just about dreaming, but also about actively working toward achieving those dreams. The goal is to turn aspirations into reality.

Once again, I extend my congratulations to the leadership, the Saudi people, and all our friends on this special occasion.

• Bruno Hardegger is a senior vice president of Al-Rashid Trading and Contracting Co.