quotes Strategic shift: AlEqtisadiah embraces digital evolution

26 January 2024
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Updated 26 January 2024

Strategic shift: AlEqtisadiah embraces digital evolution

A strategic metamorphosis is unfolding within the corridors of AlEqtisadiah, the Saudi publication nestled under the Saudi Research and Media Group, a company listed on the Tadawul stock exchange.

From the heart of Riyadh, AlEqtisadiah harnesses the rich tapestry of talent, drawn from Saudi and Arab youth, and a network of correspondents spanning the globe — from Vienna to London, Dubai to Riyadh, Jeddah to Makkah, Qassim, Hail, Dammam, Ras Al-Khair and beyond.

With sights set on the horizon, AlEqtisadiah eagerly anticipates its role in forthcoming endeavors such as NEOM, the Red Sea project, Diriyah, Jeddah Downtown, The Line, the FIFA World Cup 2034 and Riyadh Expo 2030, heralding a seamless transition from ink to digital mediums.

In navigating this strategic voyage from print to digital journalism, AlEqtisadiah is forging an indelible alliance with Asharq Business with Bloomberg, a platform also steered by SRMG, aimed at fortifying standards, honing content and shrewdly investing in human capital.

For more than three decades, AlEqtisadiah has been a bastion of discerning opinion, shaping a nuanced editorial narrative — spanning economics, societal dynamics, sports and myriad spheres of domains — through a cadre of distinguished reporters versed in economics, energy, technology, sports, arts, culture and beyond.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all contributors who have charted the publication’s trajectory, whether they remain as part of AlEqtisadiah’s new digital format, or have ventured on to new media frontiers.

Throughout all those years, AlEqtisadiah has seen the departure of several outstanding individuals and luminaries, now holding key leadership positions in major government ministries, prominent institutions, and both public and private corporations.

Many serve as spokespersons for government ministries or lead government-owned entities, financial markets, financial intermediaries, entrepreneurial ventures and other esteemed organizations.

Today, we have among us, working within the newspaper, similarly talented young Saudi graduates and experienced professionals. The future holds promise for them to follow in these footsteps — only time will tell.

A sincere thank you is extended to them and all who have contributed to the newspaper, wherever they may be.

Across its storied journey spanning almost three decades, AlEqtisadiah has been guided by four stalwart editors-in-chief, each leaving an indelible mark on its legacy. The journey began with Mohammed Al-Tunisi, who assumed the role of AlEqtisadiah’s first editor on January 2, 1992, overseeing the launch of its inaugural print edition characterized by its sleek design and innovative approach.

He was succeeded by Abdul Wahab Al-Faiz, whose tenure was distinguished by significant strides in building relationships within the business and commercial sectors, both domestically and abroad.

In October 2011, the reins were passed to Minister of Media Salman bin Youssef Al-Dosari, who steered the publication for a brief yet impactful two and a half years. Despite the brevity of his tenure, his leadership left a lasting impression.

Following him, Abdulrahman Al-Mansour, a respected colleague, assumed leadership in July 2014, dedicating almost a decade to guiding AlEqtisadiah through its transition to its final printed edition before relinquishing the helm on January 19, 2024. Al-Mansour’s adept leadership played a crucial role in preparing many of today’s colleagues within the newspaper for the complete and final transition to digital platforms.

I have worked under their leadership and alongside them, finding them to be invaluable mentors and guides. On behalf of myself and every colleague, past and present, at the newspaper, we express our heartfelt thanks to each of them for their time and dedication.

Today heralds the commencement of a fresh journey toward digitalization, positioning AlEqtisadiah as more present and accessible than ever, utilizing any technological means to engage both its longstanding and newly acquired audience, aligning with the tools of contemporary media. It stands ready to report on all economic developments, alongside business luminaries, corporate heads, economic policymakers and associated events within Saudi Arabia and neighboring markets.

  • Mohammed Al-Bishi is the acting editor-in-chief of AlEqtisadiah. 

The was originally published in AlEqtisadiah.