quotes Saudi Arabia’s remarkable 300-year evolution as a state

22 February 2024
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Updated 22 February 2024

Saudi Arabia’s remarkable 300-year evolution as a state

On Feb. 22, Saudi Arabia celebrated its nearly 300-year-old foundation, showcasing the nation’s greatness and evoking strong global admiration.

Both citizens and residents attended events honoring this day, recognizing it as a testament to the impressive evolution of institutions within the state and society over the years.

Founding Day commemorates the day in 1727 when Mohammed bin Saud, the founder of the first Saudi state, declared his reign over what was then known as the emirate of Diriyah.

Later, he solidified his alliance with the leader Mohammed ibn Abd Al-Wahhab, marking another critical step in the rise of Saudi Arabia as a sovereign nation.

There are other important historical facts about the founding of Saudi Arabia. Firstly, its existence predates that of the US, France, and many other countries.

Secondly, the power of Saudi Arabia is not tied to the discovery of oil but rather to the social and political prowess of its people and leaders.

Thirdly, Saudi Arabia has always been a key player on the world stage. Events within its borders have always had vital regional and global repercussions.

The current notion of state sovereignty as proclaimed in Saudi Arabia three centuries ago demonstrates the progression of governance in the Arabian Peninsula.

It contains the four basic aspects of sovereignty outlined by historians and political scientists which are: territory, population, authority and recognition.

In addition, political scientists also add the existence of harmonious social relations among the population, which is sorely missing from many countries today.

Saudi Arabia secures for everyone inside her borders the right to safety, protection, and honor.

Saudi Arabia believes that the nation is regarded as one family. This was evident in the bylaws introduced in 1992 which emphasized the family as the fundamental nucleus of Saudi Arabia society, a notion derived from Islamic values.

People all over the world love the Kingdom. Many residents are often heard saying how they feel a sense of belonging in the country, and that they are happy to be here.

Many expatriates consider Saudi Arabia’s hospitable and kind people to be members of their own families. There is a sense of being a single community, in times of sadness or happiness.

Saudi Arabia is a meeting place of the world for those who share the same faith, and who harbor the determination to contribute to a better life for all.

In this setting, there is a flourishing of a diverse range of arts, literature and culture.

My country is beautiful with its deserts, oases, shorelines, cities, towns, villages, and urban centers. 

While the grandeur of history is felt everywhere, Saudi Arabia is clearly a modern nation and state.

It is fast adopting the latest and most advanced developments in science, technology, human relations and governance.

And as its institutions evolve, Saudi Arabia is ensuring its stability well into the future.

  • Faisal Al-Shammeri is a political analyst. X: @Mr_Alshammeri.