quotes Saudi Arabia’s resilience, rich heritage, and visionary leadership

24 February 2024
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Updated 24 February 2024

Saudi Arabia’s resilience, rich heritage, and visionary leadership

The anniversary of Founding Day serves as a reminder of the greatness of this country that resides within our souls and where we live. It makes us recognize the value and stature of every atom of the soil of this peaceful, blessed, and safe country, which is unparalleled in beauty, splendor, or radiance by any other area on the face of this planet.

On Feb. 22, Saudi Arabia commemorated Founding Day, celebrating the Kingdom’s rich history and heritage. This day aligns with the inauguration of Imam Muhammad bin Saud in 1727, an event considered the foundation of the First Saudi State. It marks the beginning of the enduring journey of the Kingdom’s leaders who have steadfastly guided our dear motherland for three centuries, passing on its leadership through generations of dedicated rulers committed to their homeland and its glory. At this present moment, the Kingdom, under the guidance of our father, King Salman, and the visionary leader of our future, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, experiences a level of pride and prosperity that may be unprecedented in the world.

It extends far beyond this single day. It is a narrative woven from moments of fortitude, determination, endurance, and the unwavering spirit of its people. In the harsh deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Imam Muhammad bin Saud set out on a journey to establish a just and stable society. He formed an alliance with the religious scholar Muhammad ibn Abd Al-Wahhab, laying the groundwork for a unique social and political system that combined political power with Islamic principles.

The path to establishing the First Saudi State was not without challenges. The nascent state faced many external threats and internal conflicts. However, the leadership and unwavering determination of the rulers, coupled with the wisdom and sobriety of the people, along with their confidence in their rulers, ensured the survival and eventual expansion of the state.

Despite the difficulty and great challenges of that period, it also witnessed the flourishing of cultural and knowledge exchange. This leadership led to the revival of Islamic sciences and education. Centers of learning flourished, attracting scholars and students from all over the region. This intellectual exchange fostered a vibrant cultural fabric, enriching the social fabric of the emerging nation.

Despite the challenges faced in the early 19th century, the unwavering spirit of steadfastness, determination, and the persistent dream of this country since the era of the first founders has remained unshakable. Descendants of the Al-Saud family persevered, ultimately reestablishing the Saudi state in the mid-20th century under the leadership of King Abdulaziz.

Today, Saudi Arabia stands tall as a regional power, firmly rooted in history and the enduring legacy left by its founding fathers. The celebration of Founding Day is a powerful reminder of the nation’s rich history, the sacrifices made by its forefathers, and the values that continue to shape its present and future. It is a day to celebrate not only the founding of a nation but also the enduring spirit of a people who overcame adversity and built a nation that has yet to fully showcase its capabilities to the world.

As Saudi Arabia embraces the future, it carries within the invaluable lessons of its past. The same spirit of determination, perseverance, pursuit of knowledge, and commitment still guides the nation on its journey forward.

• Saad Majdy Baslom has over 10 years of leadership and specialist experience in complementary medicine practice. He holds a doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine, a master’s in Chinese herbology, and a master’s in acupuncture.