quotes Our job, our small world: Employment and quality of life

30 May 2024
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Updated 30 May 2024

Our job, our small world: Employment and quality of life

We must acknowledge that our lives as human beings are intrinsically linked to work, regardless of its nature. As life has evolved, work systems and policies have also advanced, impacting the quality of resumes and career progression over time.

But what about our love for our job and our relationship with it, as both a source of livelihood and a means to enhance our connection to life?

Loving our job is crucial because it significantly impacts the quality of our personal and professional lives. When we enjoy our work and love what we do every day, we become happier and more satisfied, which allows us to achieve success and personal growth. Additionally, passion fuels our drive to innovate and improve our lives through our work.

The concept of quality of life is closely tied to an individual’s economic circumstances, their consequences, and development. According to the World Health Organization and the World Bank, quality of life is defined as “an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns.”

A job is a fundamental pillar of an individual’s perception of their place in life. Loving your job and being passionate about your work significantly contributes to your overall health and enhances the quality of life. This positive engagement helps us to manage challenges and pressures more effectively. Work provides opportunities and experiences that improve our efficiency in professional settings, and these skills can be applied to our broader interactions with society and life. This balance leads to a more harmonious integration of our professional and personal lives.

This significantly enriches our lives and influences its course, both personally and in our relationships. Job satisfaction and love for what we do foster happiness and a positive outlook on life. When you go to work, you strive for personal fulfillment, which is reflected in your commitment to work ethics and high performance. This dedication not only benefits you but also boosts shared productivity within the workplace.

Approaching our job with a positive spirit allows us to enjoy the social activities in which we engage, helping us to achieve a natural balance as human beings. This positive attitude allows us to share our experiences with others, making us influential and inspiring within our surroundings.

We are all aware of the numerous difficulties surrounding us, but these challenges present opportunities for us to find solutions and overcome them. Conquering these challenges results in true achievement, which in turn deepens our love for our work. This love ultimately guides us toward a better quality of life.

  • Asma Al-Janahi is a UAE national with over 10 years’ management experience in government excellence and the sports sector. She writes about management and social life.