quotes Saudi Arabia welcomes pilgrimages with dedicated services

16 June 2024
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Updated 16 June 2024

Saudi Arabia welcomes pilgrimages with dedicated services

Saudi Arabia has been always honored and proud to host the largest number possible of Muslims for both Hajj and Umrah.

To ensure that Muslims from around the world perform Hajj and Umrah in a peaceful and comfortable environment, the Kingdom has been keen to serve as a facilitator and enabler to all Muslims to perform the rituals and pillars in a spiritual environment.

To enhance the role of the Kingdom in serving the guests of Allah, Saudi Arabia launched the “Guests of God Service Program” in 2019 as one of the initiatives to achieve Saudi Vision 2030.

The role of the program is to provide the opportunity for the largest possible number of Muslims to perform rituals and visit in the best possible manner, by deepening their experience and enhancing the quality of services provided to them.

The program also aims to enable more Muslims to come to the Kingdom to perform Umrah and facilitate their entry procedures into the Kingdom, as well as facilitate the ways and options for Umrah performance for various categories of guests.

Saudi Arabia aims to enhance accommodation to receive 15 million Umrah performers by 2025 (up by 77 percent compared to 2019) and 30 million by the year 2030.

This year’s Hajj is well prepared with several facilities and services that are essential components for the success of the season.

To ensure that integrated medical services are provided at the highest level, more than 5,000 medical staff operating through 183 medical facilities (32 hospitals, 151 primary healthcare clinics) and six mobile clinics are equipped to provide advanced medical services for pilgrims.

Additionally, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority has prepared a supply process for ambulances participating in Hajj through medical supply consumables boxes, where each ambulance is equipped in three different categories.

To enhance the role of Saudi Arabia in serving the guests of Allah, KSA launched the ‘Guests of God Service Program’ in 2019 as one of the initiatives to achieve Saudi Vision 2030.

The Haramain Express Train is operated by 35 electric trains, each of which has a capacity of 417 passengers, with 13 cars.

The “Makkah Road” initiative also aims to complete all entry procedures for the initiative’s beneficiaries before their arrival, which contributes to facilitating the process and saving time.

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics this Hajj season deployed more than 32 technical experiments, including 17 new technologies, aiming to improve roads and transportation services provided to pilgrims.

The General Authority for Roads, in partnership with several relevant authorities, expanded the experience of cooling asphalt surfaces in several locations at the holy sites. This initiative was implemented next to Nimra Mosque in Arafat, with an area of ​​25 thousand sq m.

This Hajj season is witnessing, as in previous seasons, the deployment of new technologies and means aimed at improving the pilgrim’s Hajj experience and facilitating their Hajj journey.

The Two Holy Mosques and other holy sites have seen several developments, such as camps equipped and provided with all the necessary requirements so that guests can perform their rituals with ease.

I am very proud to be a Saudi citizen, especially in a country devoted to serving pilgrims and performers of the Hajj and Umrah rituals.

Talat Zaki Hafiz is an economist and financial analyst. X: @TalatHafiz