Khalid I. Natto
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Thu, 2011-03-03 01:05

Some of the available tools for surveying and then responding to customer complaints are technical support desks that receive complaints on the phone, email and online chats. If the issues can be addressed immediately because they have been pre-qualified as “Known issues” then they are dealt with as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). On the other hand if the complaint is a new issue, then the data is gathered by the manufacturers and then they adapt the products in the research and development departments to address the concerns of the client. Then they roll out the new model of the product, as the new and improved version.
The feedback of the primary market is invaluable as the manufacturers tailor-make the product or service for that specific market. Let’s say the secondary market for the brand name would be in a foreign country. Let’s take an example of a brand name fast food chain like McDonald’s in a country like Saudi Arabia. The fact is that the restaurant chain does not serve bacon cheeseburgers. In this secondary market the customer feedback showed that bacon conflicts with social and religious principles. Therefore the brand name quickly responded to the market before it was tainted with a bad reputation in the local market.
Reputation risk is an intangible that is hard to quantify due to its subjective nature, however, studies do show that once your tainted with a bad image it can cost a company an unlimited amount of future sales.
Let’s take a moment to examine political ideology as a product, for example, socialism and collective bargaining. Is there a secondary market for this ideology in the Islamic world? Are the principles of monopolistic control of labor considered haram because it is ihtikar? The fact is that socialism carries the same anti free trade stigma that was inherent to communism, which puts it at odds with Islam. It is high time that various advocates of socialistic agendas adopt the same stance as McDonald’s and the bacon cheeseburger. The manufacturers of this particular political ideology have programmed the innocent minds of Muslims in North Africa, with 24-hour media coverage available on smartphones, the Internet and TV. People have died as a consequence of building a brand name of socialism and a socialist workers union in a market where the product does not fit with in the scope or expectations of the region or the consumers. The common pool of experience in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region is Islam and individuality. The reality is that we were born as individual humans that can and will make individual decisions. We shall not be categorized, labeled, measured or quantified into a corner of limited choices. We must allow for creativity and innovation. We must allow for free thought. The thing that distinguishes humans from animals is our ability to think.
The fact is that the socialist media programmers are not listening to the secondary markets around the globe regarding their socialist products, so let me try to paraphrase what the world is saying as follows:
1. Please do not copy & paste political ideology to the world.
2. Please try to balance your budgets, since the world is linked with the Dollar via the Bretton Woods Agreement.
Root of the problem:
A popular misconception is that socialism was defeated by capitalism and individualism over the last seven decades. The fact is that more European countries have adopted socialistic ideals than individualistic or capitalistic ideals. In fact we can categorize the groups into ethnically based or agenda based socialist groups. For example there are White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) Socialism which stems from the old British Commonwealth, Aryan Socialism also known as the National Socialists (Nazi) Party, French Socialism, Latin American socialism / communism with leaders like Che Guevara and Castro and the list goes on. On the other hand there are Agenda Socialism and Collective Bargaining Unions; such as, Labor Unions, Women’s Movement, African Americans, Gay & Lesbian, Green Agenda, etc.
 The fact is that the entire world is trying to position their respective assets in a better light. For example, the Japanese and Toyota, the Italians and FIAT, the French and AIRBUS, the Russians and the MIR Space station, and the list goes on. Each of these respective groups has tirelessly lobbied for their own brand name recognition. They have tried to enter the US Markets to capture market share by every means possible. In fact Fiat bought out Chrysler and a part of GM, while Toyota captured market share with low prices. They spent a lot of money on lobbyists, advertisers, investment bankers to get through the hurdles of the market place. In the past, these financial bureaucratic controls were reinforced by the monopoly of the media. The days of stereo types in the mainstream media controlling or creating a prejudice or stigma are a thing of the past. The bottle necks that hindered the growth or development of certain groups are all but gone in March of 2011. The Internet has provided a level playing field for marketing brand names across the planet. We now have interactive demonstrations, PDFs, video, text, graphics and audio. We at The KIN Consortium believe that the free markets for equities can be liberalized, as the various publicly traded companies utilize the Internet to reach their target market.
 We are at an important point in the history of the markets, where any manufacturer can build and market high quality products with their own paint stroke. The World needs to take a step back and realize that Internet marketing is the path to self actualization. A company or a person can build their own brand name and earn market share without taking a look back at archaic stigmas, prejudice, or stereotypes. The days where people needed socialism and collective bargaining are literally numbered because anyone can speak and conduct e-commerce on the World Wide Web.
— Khalid I. Natto, [email protected], is chairman & CEO of The KIN Consortium.

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