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Tue, 2011-08-30 01:57

Salahuddin died at a private hospital in Jeddah where he was admitted on coming back from the United States, where he was seeking treatment.
His family received condolences at his home in Al-Basateen district in Jeddah on Monday. Salahuddin was born in Egypt in December 1934.
He studied political science at the University of Michigan in the US. He worked for many newspapers, including Al-Nadwa and Al-Madinah.
“He was a man of principle. He had a philosophy in life and he stuck to it,” said Khaled Almaeena, editor in chief of Arab News.
“He had a vision for the Arab and Muslim world and tried to promote Islamic thoughts and ideals through his articles and publications.” Salahuddin was a mentor to a number of leading Saudi journalists including Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud, Hashim Abdo Hashim and Ali Hassoun.
Salahuddin’s daily column “Al-Falak Yadur” in Al-Madinah Arabic daily had been very popular as it focused on political, social and religious issues. Some of his articles have been reproduced by Arab News.
He won the Ali and Othman Hafiz Prize for Journalism in 1994.
Salahuddin supervised the publication of Ahlan Wasahlan, the in-flight magazine of Saudi Arabian Airlines for a long period. He was the publisher of Arabia English magazine and had worked as editor in chief of Saudi Review.
He was the owner and director of the Islamic Press Agency in London, founder and director of Saudi House for Publication and Distribution and owner and director of Makkah Advertising Agency and Marwa Advertising Agency.
He also published Saudi Markets magazine.

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