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Wed, 2011-09-14 01:35

The program, called “My Future Is in My Hands,” is in association with several training centers and education experts. The mission of the organization, established in 1962 by Princess Sara Al-Faisal, is to socially and economically empower Saudi women through financial assistance, training and job skill development. It also aims to enable Saudi women to be productive members of society.
The new project follows a research conducted among women between 18 and 40 years of age who took part in Al-Nahda's financial support projects. The study revealed that 93 percent did not enroll in university or continue higher education, and only 18 percent were able to find employment.  “Some of the major obstacles faced by this segment of society is the apparent lack of counseling, ambition and self-motivation,” said Dania Almaeena, project manager at Al-Nahda
“Therefore, Al-Nahda has launched a project to tackle such obstacles by providing college counseling, guidance and training. We try to inform our young women about the opportunities and potential they have, and motivate them to build a better future for themselves by obtaining higher degrees. We also help them choose the career that matches their interests and ambitions.”
The project will start with senior high school students and gradually expand to other age groups that are interested. The Optimum Training Center, The British Council, Education Experts and INJAZ Saudi Arabia are associated with the program. For details visit

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