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The brand is also known for its famous emblem, the TOUS Bear, which has filled jewelry boxes since 1985, becoming a universal symbol of happiness.
With Jennifer Lopez as the brand’s new face (Kylie Minogue previously modeled for the company), the company is loved by many celebrities, including: Television announcers Annie Cooper and Laura Whitmore, famous actress Katherine Heigl, and Spaniards Paula Echevarría and Malena Costa.
The opening of TOUS new flagship store in Jeddah last Wednesday is evidence of its gaining popularity. Moving from its previous location in Tahlia Shopping Center, the newly revamped store, which is now located on Tahlia Street (opposite Cartier and Patchi), got its decoration from Barcelona, Spain.
TAMKEEN, the Middle East franchise owner, introduced TOUS to the Saudi market. The black carpet event included laser lights, bubbles, balloons and confetti, as well as a ribbon cutting ceremony, done by the CEO of TAMKEEN Company, Bassim Al-Juhany.
The grand opening attracted over 200 people, including the Chairman of the Ittihad Club, Gen. Muhammad Bin Dakhil, Jeddah socialites and TOUS fans. The celebration continued inside the store where upbeat music, sparkling juice, maki rolls — and of course, a new collection — awaited guests.
Arab News spoke to Anas Cattan, TAMKEEN’s brand manager for TOUS, to get you better acquainted.

TOUS jewelry is fashionable, yet always tender, lasting in value and packaged with emotions. Most people know TOUS from their famous bear, its emblem, which is now a famous icon worldwide. Yet, what makes TOUS really unique is in their distinctive ability to convey tender human emotion through their products. All this is coupled with cutting edge innovation.
While it sources its gold and silver from Spain, its leather from Spain and Italy and its diamonds mainly from Antwerp, it introduces new materials like steel, rubber, silicon and plastic into its products along with precious and semi-precious stones. By offering up to 34 collections a year — almost unheard of in the jewelry industry — it provides an up-to-the-minute product with a unique voguish approach.

The brand mainly targets females with no age restrictions while keeping a young outlook. That means the collections are suitable for a six-year-old girl as well as a 60-year-old woman. While our biggest success in Saudi Arabia comes from fashionable women in their 20s and 30s, TOUS is quite strong in gifting collections for newborns and mothers of all ages. In addition, TOUS will celebrate Grandmother’s Day on Oct. 16 with a collection fashioned for this occasion.

It can be said that the TOUS bear is the synthesis of the brand’s values. The TOUS bear is ageless. The value it transmits is the secret of its success: Tenderness and emotion. TOUS always endeavors to convey these feelings through their designs.
Collections range from affordable silver jewelry through innovative gold designs to exclusive gemstones and diamonds. So, there is something for everyone.
One constant feature is the reasonable price tag. Far from being an ultra-exclusive jewelry dealer, TOUS always aims to offer high quality at reasonable prices — something they consider key to the success and future of the brand. This is something that TOUS promises to always endeavor to offer to its Saudi consumers and customers all over the world.

Millions of pieces leave TOUS workshops annually. Despite that, when you enter a TOUS store, the typical number of units for a piece of jewelry or a bag is one piece! New merchandise and product refills come every 10 days to two weeks. This, coupled with the sheer number of new collections, makes a customer discover something new with every visit! The unique system of just-in-time retailing that TOUS perfects, make this possible!

The typical TOUS customer is fashionable, young at heart, generous to herself and others, who looks for something sweet and luxurious, yet always reasonable in price and lasting in value.

TOUS is an affordable luxury brand. The majority of the products are very much within reach but always give you the nice feeling of indulging in luxury. In addition, it gives you the great flexibility by carrying a broad range of items in silver, gold and diamonds. You can buy a silver piece as a gift for as little as SR 200 or buy your wife unique SR300,000 diamond earrings. It’s up to you. However, what all items share in common are the TOUS brand values.

We have a “window boutique” store in Jeddah’s Khayyat Center, which has been open since 2007, and which was an immediate hit from day one.
In Alkhobar, there is a store in Rashid mall and in Riyadh, there is one in Panorama mall. More stores are planned to open in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dhahran.
TOUS has come a long way since 1920. Starting out as a small watch repair shop in Manresa (Barcelona) under the ownership of Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife, Teresa Ponsa Mas, it soon ventured into a family jewelry business. In 1960, Salvador Tous, the founder’s son, married Rosa Oriol and took over the family business where they transformed the small jewelry shop into a global company.
Since 1920, TOUS has been creating a style of jewelry that is unique, based on the concept of fashion jewelry, with a fresh and surprising design. Its unique management model based on adaptability, quality and the ability to understand the trends — design and style — has enabled a rapid international expansion and the outstanding success of its varied product lines. In addition, all the different phases of the creative process — research and development, designing, manufacturing of the pieces of jewelry, distribution and sales — are carried out at TOUS.
To this day, the couple is successfully running the company, which has evolved into a global lifestyle brand. Today, TOUS is present in 45 countries with over 400 stores in cities such as New York, Mexico and Tokyo.

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