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Thu, 2011-12-29 01:58

He said the allocation of SR168 billion in the new budget for 2012 for education and manpower training would ensure the continuity of the scholarship program. The amount represents 24.3 percent of SR690 billion earmarked for public spending in 2012.
“We have already completed seven phases of the scholarship program and we are now preparing for the eighth phase. We are now issuing tickets to those students who were selected for scholarships in the seventh phase,” Al-Moussa said.
He said the ministry would also coordinate with Saudi cultural attaches in countries where the students are based for their higher education to take care of their matters until they return home.
The number of students who obtained the scholarships has reached more than 120,000. Scholarships are given to specialize in medicine, applied sciences, medical technology, pharmacology, engineering, basic sciences such as mathematics, chemistry and physics, chartered accountancy, electronic trade, insurance, financing and marketing.
The ministry intends to distribute 10,000 scholarships to young Saudi men and women to pursue their higher studies at universities within the Kingdom. The five-year program will cost SR4 billion. The new budget has made appropriations for establishing an electronic university, opening 40 new colleges, and completing campuses at existing universities.
Huda bint Muhammad Al-Ameel, president of Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh, has commended Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah for allocating a quarter of the national budget for education and manpower training.
“This reflects the government’s strategy to improve the standard of education, being the main driving force for development,” she said. “The allocation of a huge amount of money would help universities complete their infrastructure facilities,” she added.
Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafees, governor of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, said the new budget has allocated SR4.79 billion for technical and vocational training institutes and programs. “The amount will help TVTC expand its training facilities and establish partnerships with the private sector. We’ll also open new technical and vocational training centers in various parts of the country,” he added.

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