Publication Date: 
Fri, 2012-01-20 23:58

Mobily Cloud Service is transforming the traditional IT environment and addresses the complexity, inefficiency and inflexibility by offering dynamic, scalable IT resources like CPU, memory, network, software, storage; and helping its customer to become more agile and cost effective to their businesses.
Mobily Cloud Server is based on the OSSM model, which is on-demand, self-service, scalable and measurable  
The new service allows the customer to focus on their main businesses, start immediately rather than build and manage their own IT infrastructure and solutions and shields them from day to day infrastructure concerns and risks.
Mobily Cloud Server service offers reduce total cost of ownership, no initial investment and provide customers predictable monthly service charges, where customers pays for the time they use the resources.
Commencing on the launch of the new service, Khalid Al-Kaf, managing director and chief executive officer, said the cloud server is a paradigm shift from client-server technology which delivers convenient, on-demand access to highly available pools of resources with same level of security and reduces the provisioning times from weeks to minutes.
With Mobily “Cloud Server” services the payback period for customers is months instead of years.
With Mobily “Cloud Server” services, customer can test and enjoy the demo services free of charge for a month.
With launch of ” Cloud Server” service in Saudi Arabia and the region, Al-Kaf, said Mobily aims to enrich the ICT services with cost effective solutions to serve the business sector.
He said the new service is of vital importance for all economic entities, as it helps to manage their spending on IT.

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