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Wed, 2012-03-21 03:44

SABB was chosen for the award after a series of assessments by a panel of financial industry analysts.
The process involved detailed research on quality assurance, performance and the professional capability of the Bank.
Some of the criteria used by the Judging panel of Global Banking and Finance Review to arrive at their decision are trade volume, commercial financial products and compliance to a full range of services in conventional and Islamic areas of commerce and business, innovation, customer services, customer experience and service accessibility.
SABB Business Direct facility allows commercial customers to have telephone access to banking services 7 days a week.
David Dew, managing director of SABB, said: “We are delighted to accept this award, which recognizes SABB as the commercial banking partner of choice for prominent companies in Saudi Arabia.”
He added: “Our innovative solutions are designed to fit the diverse needs of our customers. In SABB, we combine the best elements of both conventional banking services, the Shariah compliant products and banking state-of-the-art technology to customize our solutions, offering our partners highly reliable and cost effective products and services.”
Since its inception in 1978, SABB has become Saudi Arabia’s leading provider of financial services and commercial banking.
In 2011, the bank won a number of major awards from world renowned magazines and international organizations for being the Best Trade Finance Provider, Best Sub-Custodian Bank, Best Islamic Project Finance Provider, Best Corporate and Institutional Internet Bank, Best Cash Management Bank in the Middle East, Bank of the Year and Best Trade Finance Provider, and for being the Most Active Confirming Bank and Supporter of SME Trade in MENA.

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