Helping Mali fight with rebels

Helping Mali fight with rebels
Updated 17 January 2013

Helping Mali fight with rebels

Helping Mali fight with rebels

Here's a look at what countries are providing to help Mali's battle against armed extremists who have occupied the north since March. West African nations authorized immediate deployment and France launched attacks last week after fighters pushed even further south, toward the capital, Bamako.

France's resources in what they call Operation Serval include:
—200 troops from Operation Epervier in Chad have been flown into Bamako. This includes some French Foreign Legionnaires. And a company of the 2nd marine infantry regiment based in Auvours, France was moved into Bamako on Saturday.
—Gazelle helicopter gunships from the 4th helicopter regiment of the special forces armed with HOT anti-tank missiles and 20mm cannons. The 4th regiment, based in Pau, France, has 12 of these helicopters.
— Four Mirage 2000D fighter jets, based in Chad, and supported by two C135 refueling tankers. In total, France has two Mirage F1 CR reconnaissance jets, six Mirage 2000D, 3 C135s, one C130, 1 Transall C160 stationed in Chad as part of its Operation Epervier.
—Four Rafale fighter jets were quickly moved Sunday from their base in Saint-Dizier France to Mali, where they began bombing operations on Sunday.

—Two C-17 aircraft to carry foreign troops and military equipment to Mali. One C-17 is currently in France and the other is currently at RAF Brize-Norton in England.
—Britain is not offering any troops, but Mark Simmonds, the government minister for Africa, said British personnel also could be involved in training the Malian army.

USA: US officials have said they offered to send drones to Mali. France's foreign minister said that the US is providing communications and transport help.

GERMANY : German officials have ruled out sending any combat troops to support Mali, but Defense Ministry spokesman Stefan Paris said that Germany is looking into what kind of help the country could provide if asked, including logistical and medical support.

EU: The European Union says it is speeding up its preparation for a troop training mission in Mali, which will now likely be launched in the second half of February or early March, but the EU is not planning any direct combat role.

BURKINA FASO: Will send 500 troops to Mali and 500 others to control the northern border. Checkpoints have also been set up in Burkina Faso on roads to it northern border with Mali.

MAURITANIA: Mauritanian armed forces were placed on high alert along the border with Mali. The president says the country would not take part in the fighting in northern Mali. The Mauritanian army had conducted raids in 2010 and 2011 against the bases of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb in northern Mali.

NIGER: Will send 500 troops to Mali to help fight the Islamic extremists. Date for their departure not yet set.

NIGERIA: An undetermined number of troops to be sent.

SENEGAL: Will send 500 troops to Mali to help with combat.