Saudi woman nabbed after hugging male singer at Souq Okaz

In this videograb, a security officer (left) rushes onstage as an unnamed Saudi woman (right) approaches singer Majid Al-Muhandis (in white thobes) to hug him as he was performing during the SouqOkaz Festival in Taif on July 13, 2018.
Updated 14 July 2018

Saudi woman nabbed after hugging male singer at Souq Okaz

  • Police have arrested the woman and placed her under the custody of a social welfare center pending investigation by the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

JEDDAH: The Arabic hashtag for “Girl hugs Majid Al-Muhandis” was trending in Saudi Arabia yesterday.

During the Iraqi-Saudi singer’s concert at Souq Okaz in Taif on Friday, one audience member was overwhelmed by the presence of her favorite singer and ran to the stage to hug him.

This incident brought a variety of responses, with many arguing that this was a normal reaction when someone meets their favorite celebrities.

Tweeting in Arabic, a Saudi journalist, writer and novelist Samar Al-Mogren @s_almogren said: “Admiration and obsessions with artists and celebrities exist all over the world, so do not interpret the situation based on nationality.”

@KhaledSadig said: “Fangirling is a condition, not a crime. It happens in every concert around the world, just tighten the security and the problem be solved.”

Others criticized the incident. Tweeting in Arabic, @TurkiShalhoub said: “Shameful, sad and dishonorable sight.”

Makkah police arrested the woman for her actions, which go against the anti-harassment law.

The woman was placed under the custody of the girls' welfare institution in Taif and the case was referred to the Public Prosecution

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman meets Palestinian President Abbas

Updated 16 October 2019

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman meets Palestinian President Abbas

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday in the capital Riyadh.
The king welcomed Abbas and his accompanying delegation to the Kingdom, while the Palestinian president expressed his pleasure in visiting the Kingdom and meeting with the king.
During the reception, the Palestinian president was greeted by a number of princes, ministers and military sector leaders.
King Salman also hosted a luncheon in honor of the president and his accompanying delegation.